Are you interested in getting a reliable internet service provider (ISP) in Nakuru County? GoWireless offers a good home internet connection within Nakuru.

Whether you are in Gilgil, Mau Narok, Bahati, or Njoro – GoWireless gets you covered.

Since 2020, There has been a high rise in ISP companies and blockers within Nakuru. A few of those companies like GoWireless stand out from the crowd. 

Why choose GoWireless from the crowd? You might ask. Here are some of the many reasons why GoWireless stands out as one of the best wireless internet companies in Nakuru County.

Why You Should Choose GoWireless as Your ISP in Nakuru

  • Reliable Service – GoWireless offers reliable internet connection to clients all around Nakuru County.
  • Responsive Customer Service – In case of any issue/clarification needed from the company. GoWireless is just a call away. You get sorted ASAP.
  • Affordable Monthly Packages – From as low as Ks 2,000 for 5Mbps. GoWireless has one of the cheapest yet stable internet services in Nakuru.
  • Flexible Installation – GoWireless can hire outdoor equipment if clients can’t afford the expensive internet installation charges. The company is flexible when it comes to installation charges.
  • Well-Organized Team – GoWireless Internet has a solid team that is well-coordinated. In case of outage/timeout sessions. The team works as a unit to sort out the issue and make sure clients have internet.

Mentioned above are some of the key reasons why you should consider GoWireless in Nakuru. 

In case you need an internet connection from GoWireless in Nakuru. Feel free to contact the company at:

  • Call/Text/SMS: 0732 036 578

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