Acrab Web hosting is one of the cheapest email providers in Kenya. Email hosting is a service that provides email servers. When you have a domain name and require to used personalized email accounts using that domain, you would require email hosting. If you as well need web space to publish your website, you may opt for a web hosting service that well includes email accounts.

Email hosting services are becoming an essential element of professional communication for businesses in Kenya. Most of the companies in Kenya operate as SMEs and utilization of the professional emails could not only empower the companies to go online but as well adopt a more serious approach to business operations. For the businesses that are not aware of email hosting, the service entails the adoption of internet hosting services, where all emails of business are propagated from a central email server.

Acrab  web hosting offers businesses in Kenya with the best cheap email hosting services to support them grow and explore opportunities beyond their offline operations. With our customized email services, we provide a platform for businesses to have a professional way of communicating with our clients across all of 47 counties in Kenya. Acrab host offers the cheapest email hosting solutions for businesses to make them identify themselves with an original brand image.

With cheap email hosting solutions from us, businesses could have a customized email such as, which could be the unique identifier of the business when communicating with their clients. Our servers are more secure hence giving our clients reliability in using our email hosting services. The benefits to the industry are typical in making sure the transformation of their business operations when engaging with clients.

Can I access your best cheap emails via my SmartPhone?

Yes. All of our email hosting services are compatible with the most popular SmartPhones. As long as you access the internet, you may access your emails.

With our cheapest email hosting plan, you get:

  • a Single domain
  • Unlimited emails
  • 2GB Email storage
  • 50MB Max attachment size
  • 20 Received emails per minute
  • 400 Emails sent per hour
  • 40 Recipients per email
  • Compatible with Outlook, Apple Mail
  • Webmail in your pocket
  • POP/IMAP accounts
  • Personalized Email Accounts
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Access Email From Any Browser
  • Instant Setup!
  • Free 24×7 Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • How quickly can I set up my email addresses?

You may set up your email addresses as soon as you get your web hosting control panel login details. When a new domain name is registered, it takes a few hours for the internet (propagates) to recognize the new domain name so there may be a delay of several hours in the early stages it usually takes a maximum of 24hrs.

Why Choose our best cheap Email Hosting

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