StarTimes decoder is one of the best kind! That comes with so many cheap prices attached to it, today, we will review this best Kenya decoder alongside with the Channels List, Price and how to pay it.

The Startimes Kenya channels list like GoTV is a kind of blended entertainment, news, sports, and documentary channels. They are among the pay-tv companies that entered the Kenyan market after seriously deciding to switch to digital platforms was made. This company offers both pay and Free to Air (FTA) set-top boxes.

StarTimes Kenya HD decoder is among the cheapest in the market today. Additional benefits of choosing StarTimes Kenya include Free after-sales service, a one year warranty, and quality customer support through their 365-day call center.

The FTA set-top boxes don’t gather monthly subscription charges. Subscribers are only expected to pay once subsequent to which they may access all local TV and radio stations.

although, you get the pay-tv services once the set-top box is installed. The Monthly charges vary as there are various bouquets. The higher the charges they charge, the higher the number of channels you access. You may convert any pay-TV bouquet into FTA at a fee.

StarTimes Kenya’s digital pay-TV provider has all of the basic entertainment. Get the latest news, sports, and African movies. Get many world-class channels that provide sports, music, movies, and spiritual content. Also available are Free-to-air channels and documentaries on StarTimes as well.

How to Pay StarTimes Subscription via M-PESA Paybill Number

The Startimes Safaricom paybill number is 585858

  1. Open Safaricom SIM Tool Kit
  2. Select M-PESA
  3. Select Lipa Na M-PESA
  4. Select Pay Bill
  5. Select Enter Business no. StarTimes’s Lipa Na M-PESA PayBill Number 585858 and press OK
  6. Select Enter Account no. StarTimes Account Number and press “OK”
  7. Enter Amount and press OK
  8. Enter M-PESA PIN and press OK

Startimes Video Advert

Benefits of StarTimes 

The decoder is bought at Ksh 3,200-Ksh 4,000 depending on the time you purchase it but once you buy, the idea of paying subscription fees ends there. Although if you want to watch added channels that you will pay not more than Ksh 200 per channel each month, you may do so at will.

Startimes have over 20 free channels, such as the obvious: K24, KTN, KBC, NTV, QTV, and Citizen TV. There is additionally Aljazeera channel and numerous other international channels.

Decoders are found in all major supermarkets and selected shops. Once you acquire it, they send an agent to connect and start enjoying watching over 70 channels. There are channels that you support to pay for but during the first 30 days, y’all watch them for free but afterward, you are left with free channels alone.

The good thing with Startimes is that the signal is excellent regardless of the town you reside in. the Startimes has the best signal so far.

StarTimes Kenya packages

They are divided into two:

The StarTimes ON

The StarTimes has its official app for android and iOS devices called StarTimes ON. This app gives several different services that eliminate the trouble out of accessing your StarTimes services in general.

These features include the following:

Watching Live TV.

With the StarTimes app, you may easily catch up with live shows be they sports, TV shows, news, series, movies, music, documentaries, and even kids’ programs right on the phone. The app has higher than 140 live TV channels.

The best thing about the app is that you may set a reminder on your phone to be notified a few minutes before your preferred program starts. The content on the device is in high definition (HD) and thus you’re guaranteed quality shows.

You have to know that it’s a streaming service and therefore should have enough data or use a Wi-Fi service to watch content from the app.

Watching Video on Demand Content

The app likewise has more than 20000 hours of video-on-demand content for yourself to watch whenever you wish. The content differs from films, music videos, documentaries, soap operas, religion programs, and just about any kind of video y’all’s wish for.

Each week, more than 250 hours of video content is added to its app.

The Self Service Section

This section of the app allows you to link the TV accounts to the app, change your bouquets, recharge the package, and check for your balance.

Whether the favorite program is airing, you require to catch up on a previous show, or you require to pay for your bouquet (else change it), the StarTimes ON app has the back. You may additionally check for the upcoming shows and set reminders in this app.

StarTimes Packages

For the Kenyan market, StarTimes offers packages either as antenna channels or as dish channels. Many channels are available on both platforms but the dish packages give better quality and a wider array of channels than the antenna channels.

Antenna Packages

The Antenna channels from StarTimes may be accessed through a terrestrial decoder and an outdoor antenna. The decoder costs about KSh 2,000 while the antenna goes for about KSh 1,500.

The antenna channels are as follows:

Nyota Bouquet

This bouquet is the smallest package and geared towards the whole family. It comes with 17 channels varying from kids’ stations, religious stations, a few news channels, local and international soap channels, music channels, and even sports channels.

This package costs KSh 299 per month.

Basic Bouquet.

This bouquet comes with 26 channels both local and international. The selection of channels on this package covers household names such as Nickelodeon, Fox, BBC World News, and even National Geographic. This’s a package for the whole family since channels for people of all ages and tastes are offered.

This goes for KSh 599 each month.

Classic Bouquet 

The bouquet from StarTimes offers 16 premium channels. This package is focused on the client in require of the best news, sports, movie, lifestyle, and music channels. It includes Bloomberg TV And many others.

This package costs KSh 749 a month.

Dish Packages

The StarTimes dish units are available through a receiver dish and a terrestrial decoder. Both the dish and the decoder goes for KSh 2,000 each for a total of KSh 4,000.

The packages available are as follows.

StarTimes Nova

This package is the least of the dish packages and has 30 TV channels. They are local and a few international channels intended for the entire family. They range from kids’ programs to music, news, documentaries, and many others.

This bouquet may be accessed for KSh 449 per month.

StarTimes Smart

This bouquet has 36 channels meant for the complete family. These are religious channels, music channels, movie channels, and many other varieties.

This package is similarly focused on a variety of ethnicities as it packs Indian, Nigerian, Chinese, Swahili, and French content for its viewers.

This package goes form KSh 899 per month.

StarTimes Super

It comes with 17 premium channels selected from local and international options for the customer. They cover news channels such as Fox and Bloomberg, music channels such as MTV Base, sports channels, movie channels, lifestyle channels, and also documentary channels like National Geographic.

This bouquet cost KSh 1499 each month.

StarTimes Chinese

This bouquet focuses majorly on Chinese content with 22 channels a majority of that is in the Chinese language. You can get Chinese movie channels, news channels, and many others. You as well get English content such as sports channels that broadcast live and recorded sports events.

It costs KSh 1999 per month. 

The StarTimes launched the HD Combo decoder that can receive both DDT and DTH signals. The decoder costs Ksh. 1,999. It comes with a free one-month DTH Super Bouquet and one-month DTH Unique Bouquet.

You may get a StarTimes DVB-T2 set-top box for pay-tv or FTA StarTimes packages.

The StarTimes antennas prices

Key Customer Care Contacts

 Tel: +254719 077 077, +254719 077 000

Email address:


StarTimes self-service: 

How to change Startimes Bouquet in Kenya

  1. Dial *858# on your Safaricom or Airtel line.
  2. Select Change package from the options
  3. Select the type of decoder

What is my StarTimes account number?

Your account number is; the first eleven digits on the smart card which are indicated just under the bar code.

How can I get my Startimes serial number?

If you don’t know the serial number, you may check below your decoder, it is printed there.

How do I start times on my phone? 

It is very easy for you to link your Startimes Decoder to your mobile phone. You may use your Decoder’s Subscription to get the content on your mobile phone at any time, anywhere. First, download the Startimes App from the Play Store or App Store.


  1. Open you’re App, Sign in and Click on Me.
  2. Next, click on Star Times Decoder Services.
  3. Then, click on the link option.
  4. Enter your Smartcard Number and last six (6) digits of your decoder number.
  5. Always click on terms and conditions then click on link

How to connect my StarTimes smart card with the StarTimes App

If you open your StarTimes app, look out for me button, normally at the bottom of the interface. Choose it, you should be able to see your account details. On the same page, look under Decoder Subscription for a Link icon. Tap it.

A new interface opens requiring you to enter your smart card ID number and the last 6 digits of your decoder’s serial number. When you don’t know the serial number, you may check below your decoder, it is printed there.

Enter the card ID number, the 6 digits required, and tap the checkbox to agree to the terms of service.

Tap Activate to confirm.

If all the data has been entered correctly, your smart card will be successfully linked to the StarTimes app on your device and the two will be bound.

And when you have a decoder but are missing out on this, you may download the StarTimes app from the here to watch all the entertainment from the comfort of your phone or tablet.

How do I download the StarTimes app

You can search “StarTimes” in Google Playstore or iTunes store to download. 

For Other smart devices please visit (e.g. Blackberry, PC, Mac, etc.)

Why is my StarTimes showing smart card error?

It means that your smart card is not inserted or it is inserted wrongly. Please insert your smart card in the decoder with the golden chip facing down and follow the arrow.

How to fix Startimes error of card problem, check card

  1. Start by turning off your decoder using the remote control and unplug it from power.
  2. locate where the decoder card is and slowly remove it from where it’s plugged.
  3. Using a soft cloth, cleanse the card, and ensure that it has no more dust.
  4. Gently, plugin the card into the digital box or set and ensure you are doing it the right way.
  5. Plug the decoder back into power and turn it on.

Afterward, your StarTimes will be fixed and the “card problem, check card” error will be history. Note that this solution will work for you regardless of where you are located. in case the problem persists, you may call or visit your nearest service center and it will be solved.

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