The reverse call is a service that allows you to request a call from a friend or family member and have them be charged for the call.  This happens as long as your friend or family member has some credit and accepts the charges for the call by pressing 1.

In order to initiate the reverse call service, you simply dial # in front of the number you want to call.  For example if you want to initiate a reverse call to your friend who’s phone number is 07XX XXX XXX, then you dial #07XX XXX XXX on your phone.

Summary On How To Make a Reverse Call?

# Followed by the number you want to call 

e.g #07XX XXX XXX 

How to reverse call on a safaricom network
How to reverse call on a Safaricom network


How To Receive Or Reject A Reverse Call?

After answering a reverse call, you will hear an announcement requesting you to do one the following:

Press 1: To accept the call

Press 2:  To decline the call.

Once you accept a reverse call you will be charged the normal Safaricom calling rates. On the other hand, If you decline the call by pressing 2 the call will be disconnected and there will be no charges.

If you press the wrong key the call will not go through until you either accept or decline

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