Randi Chaverria is the former high school teacher in Texas (USA) who has been accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student.

In a surprising twist of occasions, Police say she engaged in sexual contact with a male Round Rock High School student, including at least twice inside her classroom, during the fall of 2019. She came into the limelight in 2019 when she was named the teacher of the year.

Twelve facts about Randi Chaverria, you should know.

1. Randi Chaverria resigned from her teaching job

Administrators of the institution became informed of the accusations against Randi in November 2019 after being told that she had an improper relationship with her student. Parents were notified of this issue through email. She was already on leave by the time the allegations came out. Round Rock High School principal Matt Groff said to the investigators that she had resigned from her teaching job on November 19, 2019.

2. She had  passed background checks before being hired as a teacher

Protection is the top priority of Round Rick High School and Round Rock ISD. All teachers undergo background inspections before being appointed to teach in the institution. The principal affirmed to the public that Chaverria passed the state background checks before being hired and begot robust prior employment checks.

It is entirely one year and a half since Randi Chaverria won the High School Teacher of the Year award from the school district. She made headlines a little while back for alleged sexual assault, but she is still to be convicted of the accusations. The future of her teaching profession is at stake because of these allegations.

3. Randi Chaverria is married with three children

Is Randi Chaverria married? She got married a few years after she had graduated from college. The name of the husband is Eric Chaverria, and both are blessed with three children.

4. Randi Chaverria’s husband is a Round Rock teacher

Mr.Eric Chaverria is the husband of Randi; he is a business teacher at Rock Round High School. He has been a teacher for more than ten years, but he began his career at Rock Round a few years ago.

5. She had pursued a career in fashion and design before she became a teacher

When Randi was still in high school, she started pursuing a career in fashion. She started organizing fashion shows for the high school students in the location. Furthermore, she progressed to Baylor University to pursue a degree in Fashion Design. She began her professional career as a fashion and design teacher at Round Rock High School.

She likes teaching fashion and design because it is her passion, and she has worked on this career path since her time in high school. Her love for fashion motivated her to develop the Designing Futures Professional Development on the website. Her website is meant for the fashion and design teachers. The site teaches them skills that they require to prepare students for the fashion industry.

6. She was an eighth-grade teacher at Round Rock High School

Therefore, what grade did Randi Chaverria teach? Well, Randi was an eighth-grade teacher at Round Rock High school. At the time of her arrest, she had been teaching family and consumer science at the institution for two years. Her experience as a teacher traverses for more than six years.

7. She was named the teacher of the year in 2019

She is an award-winning teacher. In 2019, Round Rock ISD identified her as the Secondary Teacher of the Year. She was picked among the twenty secondary educators to serve the district during the state competitions. When receiving the award, Randi credited her passion for teaching to her family’s unwavering belief in education. Her main goal as a teacher was to motivate her students to become active community members. She believed that her students could walk away from her classroom, creating of means to make a difference in their community and impact others’ lives for the better. She is recognized for leading a project at the school called Adopt-A-Child, a program that profited elementary students in the district.

8. She was arrested on charges of inappropriate sexual relationship with a student

The award-winning teacher lately made headlines when she was arrested for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of her students. She was charged with bearing on the sexual affair with the male student for several weeks. In the police affidavit, it was affirmed that she performed oral sex on the student at least twice in her classroom at Round Rock High School in October last 2019.

9. Her sentence could be 20 years imprisonment

She was being accused of an improper relationship with a student. She turned herself in and was put in custody at the Williamson County Jail. On the same day, she was then released after posting a bond of $25,000. In Texas (USA), the charge is a second-degree offense, and she would be handed a sentence of 20 years imprisonment if convicted.

10. The name of the student in the Randi Chaveria case hasn’t been disclosed

Who is the student in Her case? When you are following up on the case, you have to be interested in knowing the answer to this question. However, the identification of this student remains hidden. The only thing known surrounding the student is that he confirmed to the police investigators that the incident happened in mid-October 2019.

As evidence of the sexual allegations, he displayed the text messages that he had exchanged with Randi throughout their relationship. The text messages are constant with the accusations made by the teen. He as well informed the investigators that Randi frequently called him up so that they would meet up for the sexual encounters.

11. She Performed Oral Sex On a Student At Least Twice In a Classroom

Randi Chaverria is involved in carrying on the sexual affair with the male student over some weeks in 2019. According to a police affirmation cited by KVUE-TV, Chaverria administered oral sex on the student at least twice in the classroom at Round Rock High School.

The student affirmed to Police that those incidents happened in mid-October in 2019. He as well showed investigators text messages the two had exchanged throughout the relationship. He told Police that she could call him to meet up for sexual encounters.

12. Randi Chaverria Was Named Teacher of the Year in 2018

She is an award-winning teacher. In 2018, she was nominated for the Secondary Teacher of the Year. The district wrote in a press release on May 8, 2018, that She had been teaching for five years. Randi had been the Family Science Teacher at Round Rock for two years at that point.

The release reveals that Chaverria “credits her family’s steadfast belief in education and coming from a family of educators as her reason for advancing a passion for teaching.” Chaverria was quoted explaining how she wished to motivate her students to become active community members.

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