ZUKU TV payment can be made by either Mobile money, by the bank, and online via the ZUKU TV website. The ZUKU was established under Wananchi Group with the intention of making home entertainment and communication services accessible to a fast-growing African middle class.

The Wananchi Group is the first business that provides affordable entertainment and connectivity for various countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

In addition to phone and internet connection by the  Zuku fiber, Zuku Satellite provides digital TV content for millions of Kenyan households. Get more details on the ZUKU website.

Zuku is Tv is one of the most popular television set-top boxes and internet services providers in Kenya. The company is loved by Kenyans due to their affordability in comparison to different providers. To access the services, you have to prefer the different packages available. The packages are for both internet services or television, which are payable monthly. 

Here is a list of Zuku tv Payment Paybill numbers

  1. To pay for Zuku Tv and Fiber internet via Mpesa use paybill number 220220
  2. To pay Zuku via Airtel Money use Nickname ZUKUCATV for TV and Internet service.

Zuku Fiber Plans/Packages and Pricing in Kenya

Zuku is a complete Home entertainment solution that gives Satelite TV, phone services, and of course Zuku Fiber. the Zuku Fiber comes in three models. Triple Play, Double Play, and Internet Only. All these models come with different goodies;

Triple Play Packages come with;

  1. Unlimited High-Speed Internet
  2. Free Installation
  3. Free Modem + Digital TV decoder
  4. 58 Local & int. TV Channels
  5. Free Zuku To Zuku Calls
  6. Plus Free Premium + Asian Pack
  7. Plus Handset at @1500 and GET KSHs. 1,500 airtime to all networks
  8. Plus Free Police and Emergency calls from Zuku Phone

Double Play Packages come with;

  • Unlimited High-Speed Internet
  • Free digital TV decoder
  • Free installation
  • 58 local & int. TV channels
  • Free Modem
  • One month FREE Premium and Asian Channels

Internet Only Package offers users;

  • 10Mbps Unlimited High-Speed Internet
  • Free installation
  • Free Modem
PackageSpeedMonthly Price
Triple Play Packages30Mbps4699/-
Dual Play Packages5Mbps2499/-
Internet Only10Mbps3499/-

The Zuku Satellite TV Packages 2020

PACKAGE​​AMOUNT      Description​​






​​           42 TV Channels​​

​​            18 Radio Stations

​​           Local Channels







​​ 76 TV Channels​​

​​ 55 Radio Stations

​​ Local Channels







​​ 97 TV Channels​​

​​ 55 Radio Stations

​​ Local Channels







​​ 26+ Asian TV Channels

​​ 55 Radio Stations

​​ Local Channels

How to Pay Zuku Satellite TV Using M-Pesa

  1.           Go to the M-PESA toolkit on your phone.
  2.           Select the Pay Bill option.
  3.           Enter Zuku Satellite TV Business Number 220220
  4.           Enter your Zuku TV account number.
  5.           Enter the Amount.
  6.           Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send.
  7.           You will receive a confirmation via SMS
  8.          The Payment reflects on Zuku within 15 minutes

How do I find my ZUKU account number

Step 1: Dial *502#

Step 2: Pick option 2 (Account Information) and press send.

Step 3: Pick option 1 (Balance Enquiry) then press send.

 Step 4: choose your Zuku account number for the account you want to check and press send.

Step 5: Your full account balance will be displayed.

What is the ZUKU Paybill number

Zuku paybill number is 320320 or 220220

How do I check my ZUKU status?

  1. Dial *502#
  2. Select option 2 (Account Information) and press send.
  3. Enter option 1 (Balance Enquiry) then press send.
  4. Choose your Zuku account number for the account you want to check and press send.
  5. Your full account status will be displayed.

How do I reset my ZUKU decoder?

When Using your remote

  • Press the MENU button
  • Choose “Tools” from the options provided
  • Go further to “Factory setting” option, select it.
  • Confirm by clicking yes, and pressing Okay
  • The next step is to rescan the device after resetting your decoder

Go to menu

  • Choose DVBS installation
  • Choose the TP list
  • Select Okay
  • Carry out a TP search
  • Then click okay

This restores your Zuku decoder lost channels.

How much is ZUKU 5mbps


How to install ZUKU dish 

The tools you required 

  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Number 10 and 12 spanner
  • Cable stripper
  • Satellite finder
  • Spirit level

Hope by now you have:-

  1.           A 65cm Satellite dish with no missing nuts and or bolts (full  set)
  2.           an LNB
  3.           Enough cable length (black in color is the best)
  4.           4 F-type connectors
  5.           Eagerness and a lot of time on your hands.

These are the very easy steps

  1. Mount the arm on your roof first by using the wall nuts or nails. But ensure you use the spirit level to mount it upright all the way around. Whatsoever the slight deviation will make the job very difficult. As well, mount the supporting two arms on the wall.
  2. Put the dish on the mount and it should sustain the weight of the dish, if it is heavy for the mount, then repeat step one all over again. The dish on a shaky mount is stress waiting to happen.
  3. Then when you have a satellite finder, then the job may be too easy for you. Read how to use the Star gold SG-20SF satellite finder.
  4. If you don’t have a satellite finder then you may use the Technosat T-888 plus ultra Free to air Satellite decoder as a satellite finder.
  5. Therefore, when you do not have a satellite finder and yet you do not want to buy another decoder because it costs you money. Hmm, there is a technique you may install that Zuku satellite dish without using either of the two mentioned devices above. This is the method we frequently use and it works perfectly. Although It might cost you some extra time, the knowledge and experience are worth it.
  6.  Zuku tv uses the SES 5 satellite positioned at 5 degrees East.

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