National Youth Service (NYS) is an organization under the Government of Kenya. It was founded in 1964 to train young people in critical national affairs. In the year 2019, the organization was changed from a state department to a fully-fledged semi-autonomous state corporation after enactment of the NYS act, 2018 by the Kenyan parliament. Approximately 30,000 youth are recruited annually and trained in several skills.

The critical business of NYS is to train and mentor Kenya’s youth in:

  1. Paramilitary and regimentation.
  2. National building programs.
  3. Technical and vocational training in various skills and trades.

The Enrollment to the service is voluntary for any Kenyan youth aged between 18 –22 years old. Upon recruitment, the recruits are subjected to rigorous non-combat paramilitary education for six months.

The recruits are expected to offer at least six months of national service, which can include;

  • Construction
  • Vector control
  • Slums upgrade program
  • Traffic Control
  • Public security
  • Agriculture

Before the late 1980s, students had to engage in the organization before admission into universities. Now, recruitment is done on a volunteer basis.

After successfully finishing the compulsory national service, the recruits are sent to technical and vocational schools within NYS to train in different fields such as agriculture, engineering, and hospitality. The training is free of charge to all the recruits.

The National Youth Service(NYS) announces the recruitment of NYS Volunteers (servicemen/women) throughout the Republic as per the requirements of every recruitment done.

The recruitment takes place by the schedule appended below.

All proposed candidates wishing to be enlisted in the National Youth Service MUST meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a Kenyan citizen and resident of a respective sub-county.
  2. Undergo medical checkups throughout and after recruitment. NYS and the Ministry of Health conduct it.
  3. Be prepared to undergo rigorous physical training.
  4. Be ready to give voluntary service to the Nation in whatever part of Kenya.
  5. Be a KCSE certificate holder with a minimum mean grade of D (Plain).
  6. Present Original National Identity Card, Academic Certificates, and avail one set of photocopies of the same.
  7. Have a valid certificate of good conduct.
  8. Be 18 – 24years old.
  9. Successful candidates are admitted to NYS Colleges at Gilgil and Naivasha for the NYS basic paramilitary training on dates and times specified in respective calling letters.


  • Orphans that meet the qualification requirements, as stated above, be given particular preference subject to the production of sufficient documentary proof such as parents’ death certificate or burial permits.NYS doesn’t condone corruption in any form. Canvassing and giving monetary or other consideration for admission is an offense that can lead to disqualification and prosecution.[Instances of this nature should be reported immediately to the Director-General on telephone number 020-2400129

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