What Is PayBill?

The Pay Bill service is a cash collection service that allows your organisation to collect money on a regular basis from your customers through M-PESA. By making payments to banks via Mpesa paybill you can be able to pay for services with ease and convenience. Safaricom’s payment solutions have simplified transactions of small and bulk payments 24/7.

You can always use Mpesa paybill for banks to deposit money into most banks. USSD codes are for Bank to Mpesa Transfers. 

Mobile banking using Mpesa paybill for banks increases the speed of transactions. It is more flexible to bank clients. Mobile banking also enables huge savings for Kenyan banks in the long term.

Making day to day Mpesa to Bank transactions enables micro-lending and saving organizations to collect a lot of payments from the public. People are also able to make continues and timely payments to banks. This is because it is a simple and convenient way for M-Pesa money transfer service that uses Paybill numbers.

Here is a complete list of Mpesa PayBill Numbers For All Banks In Kenya

BANK Bank to M-PESA (USSD) M-PESA to Bank (PayBill No)
KCB *522# 522522
Comm. Bank of Africa *654# 880100
Co-operative Bank *667# 400200
Standard Chartered Bank *722# 329329
Barclays Bank K LTD *224# 303030
NIC Bank Limited *488# / APP 488488
Family Bank Ltd *325# 222111
CFC Stanbic *208# 600100
Equity Bank *247# 247247
National Bank *625# 547700
Chase Bank * 275# 552800
I & M Bank Limited *458# 542542
Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) *385# 516600
Ecobank *335# 700201
Jamii Bora Bank *344# 529901
IMPERIAL BANK LTD *356# 800100
ABC Bank APP 111777
Credit Bank *699# 972700
Consolidated Bank LTD *262# 508400
Equatorial Commercial Bank *286# 498100
K-REP BANK *527# 111999
Transnational Bank *862# 862862
Post Office Savings Bank *498# 200999
Gulf African Bank *399# 985050
Housing Finance Company Ltd *231# 100400
Bank of Africa (BOA) *987# 972900
UBA Bank *368# 559900
Guardian Bank *356# 344500
Prime Bank APP 982800
Guaranty Trust Bank APP 910200
KWFTDTM *378# 101200
SMEP DTM *741# 777001
Musoni *279# 514000
Vision Fund Kenya *985# 200555
Rafiki DTM *366# 802200

How to Deposit, making payments with Lipa Na Mpesa

Instead of paying cash the following are the procedures for making payment transactions via M-PESA.

  1. Pay Bill

In case the recipient of your money is an institution, company agency, etc. and it has M-PESA Pay Bill number.


  1. a) Withdrawing Using to Safaricom Code
  1. Go to your Lipa Na Mpesa Safaricom Number that you were given by Safaricom
  2. Dial *234#
  3. Select Merchant Services
  4. Under Merchant Services
  5. For the Till number, go to Withdraw cash to my number and Then Enter store number (nominated phone number) then proceed to the last step.
  6. For Lipa na Mpesa Paybill got to Withdraw to Bank
  7. Then Enter HO Number (HO is Number your Paybill Number)
  8. Then select whether you want to withdraw all amount or some
  9. Then click Enter to complete

NOTE: If you selected a bank payment, you should check your account for the payment. If you selected the phone number Payment you should have received a mpesa message.

  1. b) Withdrawing Using Safaricom App

Open the Safaricom App on phone,

  1. Select M-PESA
  2.  Go to Lipa Na M-PESA
  3.   Select Pay Bill
  1. i) In case you saved the Pay Bill number in your contacts, select ‘Search SIM Contacts’

Choose the saved number then press OK.

  1. i) In case you’ve saved the Account number in your contacts, select ‘Search SIM Contacts’,

Choose the saved number then press OK.

How to Buy Goods and Services with till number

  1. Buy Goods and Services

When buying Goods and Services. Till numbers are used.

Open the Safaricom App on phone,

  1. Select M-PESA
  2. Go to Lipa Na M-PESA
  3. Select Buy goods and services
  4. Select Enter till no.
  5. Enter the till number, then press OK
  6. Enter the amount of money you want to pay, then press OK
  7. Enter your M-PESA Pin, then press OK
  8. Accept the prompt by Safaricom to execute your request.

How to withdraw Lipa na Mpesa money to your bank

In case you want to transfer money to your bank, follow the following steps:

Open the Safaricom App on phone,

  1. Select M-PESA
  2. Go to Loans and savings
  3. Select KCB M-PESA
  4. Select Deposit from M-PESA
  5. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit
  6. Enter your M-PESA Pin, then press OK
  7. Accept the prompt by Safaricom to execute your request.

Benefits of Mpesa paybill for banks

Uses of the PayBill Service

Use Cases of PayBill Service

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