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The Best Internet Service Provider In Nakuru – Acrab

Acrab Internet is one of the best internet providers (ISP) in Nakuru town and its sorroundings. Acrab Internet’s vision is to offer super-fast wireless internet service in all towns in Kenya. We top the charts consistently for how we interact with our customers and our service level. We deliver incredibly fast internet speeds, climbing all the way up to 100Mbps in some areas. This type of connection is amazing for larger households with heavy internet activity, especially streaming services like Netflix and movie sites. Acrab internet is also a solid option for lighter internet usage and smaller households, delivering fast and reliable speeds all day every day.

Our pricing is generous too, our lowest monthly internet package is 2,000/= (for 3Mbps) With Acrab Internet, you rest assured you’ll receive reliable internet plus quality customer service.

The monthly package fee for internet service is one of the main things you’ll want to consider when choosing to install home internet. If you’re looking for affordable internet services with customizable installation fees, look no further Acrab Internet is the options. Home internet prices for other providers in Nakuru typically range from Ksh 2,500 to Kshs 5,000 per month.

When shopping for a cheap internet connection, also consider speed caps, equipment fees, and installation chargers in addition to monthly pricing. 

Why Choose Acrab Internet as Your ISP?

Acrab Internet is best for clients that fall under the following categories:

  • Anyone looking for a compromise between fast speeds and affordability.
  • Large households that want to bundle up and receive unlimited internet.
  • Online gamers.
  • HD video streaming fans.
  • Those who need reliable internet speeds.
  • TV lovers who want a reliable connection for streaming too.

You can also download your favorite movies, stream as many shows as you can handle. You can get fast internet for a good deal with Acrab Internet our options outweigh our rivals—especially in terms of customer service.

Why Acrab Internet is The Best ISP in Nakuru

Affordable Installation – Our installation fee is pocket friendly and flexible. 

Fast Internet Speeds – With us you get high speed internet connection that is reliable .

Support 24/7 – When it comes to support we try our level best to make you smile.

Secure Internet – Every client gets a secure internet connection. We take security seriously.

Best Pricing Plans – You get to choose from our wide variety of monthly fees.

Acrab Internet Services Availability

Acrab Internet offers internet service in Nakuru and Kitale, with the greatest coverage in Kabachia, Mawanga, Lanet, Shabaab, Sec 58, White House, Kiti, and Ngala Estate. If you live in Kitale around Laini Moja, CBD, Section 6/19, and Lesos, Acrab Internet is likely a good option for your internet service.

Acrab Internet Installation Charges

Acrab Internet has flexible installation plans to choose from. You can choose between the three available options to get connected;

1. Mwananchi Plan – Ksh 3,000

  • Covers service fee and cabling only. The equipment’s remains Acrab Internet property.
  • Choose a monthly package of your choice.
  • Payment is done in full after installation, no installments.

2. Hustler Plan – Ksh 6500

  • Price is inclusive router + cable + service fee.
  • Choose a monthly package of your choice
  • Outdoor equipment remains property of Acrab Internet.

3. Premium – Ksh 13500

  • Price is inclusive router + cable + service fee + Outdoor equipment.
  • Choose a monthly package of your choice.
  • You get to own everything. 
  • You can pay cash or Lipa pole pole.

Note: If you have the equipment listed above then you will only pay the installation fee plus the monthly package of your choice. 

Acrab Internet Monthly Packages in Nakuru

3mbps @ 2000

6mbps @ 3000

10mbps @ 4500

20mbps @ 8500

Internet service frequently asked questions

We can help you with any of your questions about streaming or choosing the right internet plan — Give us a call at 0712 144 171

Is Acrab Internet available in Eldoret?

Acrab Internet is readily available in Eldoret. Give us a call to receive a quote or ask any questions.

How much does the Acrab Internet monthly cost?

Average monthly internet costs can range from around Kshs  2,000 (3Mbps) to Kshs 8,500 (20Mbps) for a wireless internet connection. Pricing tends to vary based on location, connection type, and speed. During the installation process, the price for the internet in your area may include equipment purchase or rentals, other than that there are no additional fees for connection and there are also no additional charges for exceeding your data limits.

What internet speeds do I need?

For basic internet usage like browsing you will need a speed of up to 3mbps max. Speeds of 5mbps or more are perfect for streaming shows and online gaming.

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