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Get Wireless Internet in Gilgil for Home/Office

Do you need home internet connection/installation in Gilgil? Acrab Internet is now available. I can tell you from personal experience that buying bundles is quite expensive. data bundles have lost its value for money these days, let’s take an example with around 50 shillings worth of data you can barely cruise around WhatsApp for an hour leaving alone not using YouTube or Instagram. This is some form of unavoidable limitation.

However, in this era of time, a solution to this problem was offered and the wifi internet connection was introduced. This wireless fidelity [WiFi] program came into the market and changed the game, now people are using this connection and enjoying unlimited data plans all over the world at the comfort of your home, office, hotel or coffee shop. 

It’s cheaper compared to data bundles and modems. Various companies have ventured into this, Acrab internet  being one of the majors also came and supplies home WiFi to most regions  in Kenya

Acrab Internet is one of the best internet providers (ISP) in Nakuru, Gilgil, Njoro, Bahati, Eldoret and Kitale. Their vision is to offer a super-fast wireless internet service in all towns in Kenya. Acrab Internet top the charts consistently for splendid service provision and customer relations. They deliver incredibly fast internet speeds, climbing all the way up to 20 Mbps in some areas. This type of connection is amazing for larger households with heavy internet activity such as; streaming and downloading movies on Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Acrab Internet is the fastest, reliable option for household internet activities e.g. E-learning, watching various tutorials, web conferencing among other activities requiring internet services.

Wireless Internet Equipment You May Need

Specific equipment is needed to run wireless connections. At the bare minimum, you’ll need a wireless router, litebeam, cat 9 cables, and a reliable Internet Service Provider.

Types and prices of equipment needed to get home WiFi:

Monthly Packages

  • 3mbps @ 2,000
  • 6mbps 3,000
  • 10mbps @ 4,500

Acrab Internet Services Availability in Gilgil.

A survey is normally done to zoom in on where you’re located checking how adequate and strong the internet picks from their access point. In Gilgil, they offer internet service in MOST regions, the greatest coverage being at Sierra leone, Ngomongo, Site, Milimani, GTI, and Teachers.

For more information visit Acrab Internet website


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