Kenya has a boundless abundance of land, resources, and climate variations that allow it to produce different kinds of crops in its agricultural sector. Farming is one of the major industries in Kenya. For this reason, the economy of Kenya is agri-based. This industry may employ up to 70% of the Kenyan workforce, hence contributing to about 80% of the country’s GDP.

In the light of the economic output, farming contributes to the economies of several African nations, the broad demand and consumption of agriculture products in fast-growing urban and rural areas has made both fruit and vegetable farming in Kenya a lucrative agribusiness to venture into.

Mass sensitization on the benefits of farming has, in the end, improved curb the rampant unemployment in Kenya and increased the productivity of farmers. Agribusiness ideas in Kenya are advantageous to any individual with potential.

Reasons you should start farming

Technological Innovation

With the increased demand for higher quality and quantity of food and related products, Kenya’s farming industry under the ministry of agriculture is now centered around technological innovation.

This industry has advanced in research and development to develop and innovate with the environment in mind. Scientists today are involved in developing crops that are pesticide-free, resistant to disease, and capable of withstanding difficult weather conditions.

Most recent innovations in the Kenyan farming industry include vertical farming to meet growing world food demands, and more proactive efforts to address climate change, as well as carbon-capture technology.

Diverse in career selection

It’s sure that much of the work in farming is the farming of plants. But the various careers available to aspiring professionals are often glossed over.

Your character doesn’t require to be on a farm and for many people,  doesn’t. There is an incredible diversity of career choices for recent graduates and professionals, and you can be sure that there is something for everyone.

The farming entails marketing and advertising professionals to not only sell farm products to consumers but to as well determine what they want.

It further requires scientists to study the soil, the changing weather conditions, and conduct genetic research to develop new efforts of plants that are resistant to drought and parasites.

Farming as well needs sales specialists to sell products to consumers, and farming equipment to production firms. This industry as well operates in conjunction with logistics experts who are able to develop supply chain management strategies that make sure production levels meet demand, and that storage, transport, and consumption of raw materials are sound.

The Growing Niche Markets

When you visit the supermarket, visit that Mama Mboga, or any market, you’ll find varieties of farm produce sold and labeled as organic, natural, local, and vegan-friendly. And this information means that there are a lot of opportunities for you as a farmer. You can as well prepare products for those special communities and minimize your chances of competing with the big farms.

Allows You to be Independent

As the farm owner, you’ll set your schedules and projects without whatever hindrance from others. You’ll be your own boss. Hence, a heavy burden comes with such control and freedom. When you miss your targets, you’ll be alone in dealing with all of the unpaid debts.

A Healthy Career

The Urban lifestyle and working environment are far from a healthy lifestyle. The habit of prolonged sitting has been always linked with early death. The foods are not fresh, and the pollution is frequently heavy.

If you go for farming as your career, you’ll be using most of your time outdoors. You’ll be learning the psychological satisfaction of working with the animals and you’ll see how big your responsibility is toward nature. Farming has its uncommon sense of accomplishment that you won’t find in those offices.

To take advantage of the economic opportunities of the developing industry, and benefit from its profitability

Farming has grown to be a backbreaking job with little payout, which has made some deterioration in the industry. However, that’s changing.

New farmers are definitely joining the industry for a chance to make more money again and find that there’s a lot of room to increase.

Profitability is the main focus of Upstart Farmers, who are using new technology and resources to make farming work for them.

To promote healthy lifestyles with fresh food

Health is the extra top reason that people find themselves pursuing farming. In the article “How to Stop Talking and Start Farming,” we heard from Gary Miller, a health care expert that took this issue to heart. Gary and his wife Lisa found themselves giving health advice as part of their profession.

To address local food issues like food stability & availability

Farming in its diverse forms has the potential to solve some serious problems facing the world today. One of those is food security. The Smaller farmers mean more food deserts served, fewer long transport chains, and a more democratized food system generally.

The potential to contribute to that kind of change is a noble cause behind which many new farmers are rallying. 

To escape the dissatisfaction with their current job for something significant

Many people enter the farming industry when they get bored and burnt out with their previous job. Maybe they’ve been stuck in a joyless 9–5hrs for the last ten years. After plugging through the corporate prison year after year, they’ve realized that they were meant to be part of something bigger. And at some point during those long years, they’ve heard the siren call of farming. 

This is afib that most Upstart Farmers have in common. Whether they’re tired of paperwork or just can’t get behind the goals of the job, they soon find themselves taking a break to escape to something greater.

To Spend your day’s outside 

The Farmers live, work, and play on farms, which are typically positioned in scenic countryside locations.

Grow what you like 

As a farmer, you may farm what you like: organic grains, bananas, pigs. Find your passion and farm it.

To Work for yourself

Running a farm is the terminal entrepreneurial opportunity. Farmers work long difficult hours, but as well have adaptable schedules.

Has High job security? 

Farms have to survive for people to eat. The job security is within the roof.

To Get to play with big machines 

 It’s enjoyable to play with big toys like tractors and plow combines.

No dress code 

You can wear whatever you want to work, just plan on getting dirty.

To join a close-knit community

 Farmers do work together, They rely on their community to get the job done.

To Stay fit 

Working outside doing physical labor is attached to keep you in shape.

To bring your pet to work 

There are no rules against bringing your dog, cat, cow to work.

Zero commute

Farmers typically endure on their farm. No more sitting in traffic to get to the “office.”

To Escape the office

The majority of work is outside with Mother Nature. This is far from the boring cubicle job.

To Feed the planet 

It’s rewarding to know that the products you grow remedy to feed the world.

As you see, farming is a pretty impressive job. Farming requires dedication, passion, and a bit of luck. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs you may find though. There’s no benefit of the doubt that farming is challenging and tough, but someone has to do it and that means there are job opportunities in the farming industry.

Steps to consider when you want to do farming

Before you start a farming business in Kenya, you will need to think about the different types of farming that will venture into.

The various farming choices may include planting different sorts of produce, poultry farming, fish farming, or rearing animals.

Diversification is crucial, particularly in crop farming, because different kinds of crops shave different maturity rates.

Diversifying will ensure that you have income all year round. As well, if one crop is ruined, there are likely to be many others that are surviving.

Besides, this helps you discover what you are good at without losing time trying to do so.

Business Planning

Having a well thought out business plan for a modern enterprise is critical; a farm is no objection to this rule.

This process stimulates an individual to decide what they want going into the venture and as well as how and what they plan on achieving in the process.

In case you are short of funds, this planning aids you to come up with a funding plan to assist the business take off.

Money Lenders often want to see a business plan before they even consider your loan application.

At this stage, you will as well need to decide on what specifically you want to venture in when it comes to farming, and it could either be animal farming, plant farming, or even value addition business.

Market Research

A common mistake by farmers is diving into the business without proper market research.

They believe that there is a ready market for their crops and they couldn’t be more wrong regarding this. Don’t go into the same business as your neighbor because this saturates the market.

It also results in a domino-like effect and prices will go down and hence losses for you.

For you to succeed in the farming business in Kenya, you require to find products that are on-demand and that you quickly sell for the price you require to be profitable.

Also, build relationships with customers before you venture into these farming businesses in Kenya, this is more important.

Keep records of sales to make the next batch of crops more relevant to the market you want to sell to.


Farming is cheap as it requires land, time, equipment, and finance for you to venture into. For instance, a budget of a mushroom of 1 kg of spawn from the museum is Sh600 and would be enough for approximately 40 bags. Each bag yields between two kilos to 2.5kg of mushrooms and many other crops to farm. You require to get enough financing when you particularly want to venture into farming like acquiring farming equipment, seedlings, and other expenses that they may arise in the process.

The other key thing is putting the right goals in place to avoid being disappointed in the process of farming like budget planning for every season, Timely farm preparations, getting the necessary manpower or equipment in place among other goals.

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