Hadish car tracker is one of the best car tracking companies in Nakuru, Isiolo, Nanyuki and Nairobi. They have the best tracking solution in Kenya because its the most versatile tracker plus discreet. It also offers the best combination of price and features.

Best Car Tracker in Kenya Features – Hadish Tracker:

  • Real-time monitoring – Check live location of your vehicle using a mobile app (available on both android and iOS) You can easily track your car anywhere anytime.
  • Stop engine – Easily stop your vehicle at a click of a command on the app. This feature is very useful especially in cases of theft.
  • Sim-card compatibility – Hadish trackers supports all local sim cards in Kenya. You can use Safaricom, Airtel, or Telkom simcards in the tracker.
  • History route – This feature will show you the route and history of the trip of your car letting you know where your car has been and for how long. You can playback your vehicle route history using the app. You can view history by a specific date or using a range.
  • Geofence – You can set one or multiple locations for your vehicle. If it leaves the area, you immediately receive a notification.
  • Alerts – Receive real-time alert notification when the engine is turned on, car is over speeding, or even parked.

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Hadish Car Tracker Features

Hadish car tracker represents the best value for the car owners, car hire companies, and car sellers. The tracker easily tracks the location, safety and update alerts. With a relatively affordable price tag, free 1 year subscription, and a wide variety of alert notifications. This among other rich features makes Hadish car tracker the most installed car tracker in Kenya.

Hadish car tracker - Best car tracker in Kenya

Hadish car tracker Kenya is an ideal way to keep thack of a drivers real-time location, and behind the wheel performance. The tracker lets you see the real time location of the tracked vehicle on a mobile application. The application is both available for both android and iOS devices. 

Interestingly, you can review trip histories to see where the car has been driven and receive alert notifications when the car leaves or enters at a predetermined areas (geofence) The tracker can also send alerts on over-speeding, engine activity (engine turned on, engine turned off)

Hadish car tracker Kenya is easy to install and instantly transmits data via cellular network to the mobile app. The tracker gives you the best tracking features for your car in Kenya. This, among other key features, makes Hadish car trackers one of the best car trackers in Kenya.

Hadish tracking offers best car tracking services in Nakuru, Nairobi, Isiolo, Kisumu, Eldoret.

Hadish Tracker Kenya – FAQs

  • What is the best car tracker in Kenya?

The best car tracker in Kenya is Hadish tracker. According to statistics in 2021 in Kenya, Hadish car tracker is the most used car tracker in Kenya.

  • How much does a car tracker in Kenya cost?

In terms of quality, durability and performance as expected, the cheapest car tracker in Kenya goes for 8,500/=

  • Is it important to add a tracking system to a vehicle?

Yes, its very important. You can receive so many update about your car.

  • Is the car tracker visible?

Hadish tracker offers a car tracker that looks like a relay thus not easily noticeable.

  • Is it worth  putting a tracker to a car?

Considering the value of a vehicle, the answer is Yes. You can as well have piece of mind knowing you can track your car anytime. 

  • How do I receive an alert from the tracker to my phone?

The tracker supports sim card which transmits data to the mobile app.

  • Is it legal to use a GPS tracker in a car?

Yes it is legal to use GPS tracker in Kenya.

  • What is a geofence?

It is a designated zones on a map. You will get notified when the car leaves or enters that area.

  • How long does a Hadish tracker update its data?

Data is updated on intervals of 10 seconds. You can receive real time also using the app.

Hadish Tracking Details

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