GOtv is the main supplementary to Multichoice DSTV. It’s the home of African television that offers diverse sports channels, family entertainment, news channels, kids entertainment, gospel entertainment, music channels, among other avenues.

It gives four main packages with one-off, limited packages that include the GOtv wow, that is a reward package for all customers who have paid their subscriptions in time three consecutive times. Gotv payments are affordable along with multiple choice for payment, including Mpesa.

They point to provide African countries a chance to experience local and international entertainment from the likes of Africa Magic and BET respectively. Their various entertainment had allowed them to be a leading competitor among other digital TV service providers.

How to pay GoTv bill via Mpesa Paybill Number

  1.  Go to Mpesa menu and choose ‘Pay Bill
  2. Input the GOTV Paybill number for Mpesa which is 423655
  3. Input your IUC number; this you may get it from the bottom of your decoder on a red sticker.
  4. Input the correct amount for the package that you wish to pay for. You may find the different packages available to you here and the GO TV Channels they offer.
  5. Input in your M-Pesa PIN
  6. Check again to make sure that you have input the correct information
  7. Wait for a confirmation message

How to pay GoTv bill via Airtel Money

  1. Go to Airtel Money on your menu.
  2. Select the Paybill
  3. Choose DSTV.
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to pay. Refer below to see pricing for different packages.
  5. Enter your Airtel Money PIN.
  6. Choose to Make Payments.
  7. Under reference, enter your GoTv IUC number.

How to pay GoTv bill via Equitel

  1. On the Equitel Menu, select ‘My Money
  2. Select ‘Send/Pay
  3. Choose the Account you’d like to use to pay for GOTV
  4. Select ‘ GOTV Paybill
  5. Tap on ‘Select business
  6. Select ‘DSTV GOTV
  7. Enter your Account number
  8. Key in the amount you’d like to pay
  9. Enter your Equitel pin and then send it.

How to Pay for GOTV through the KCB Mobile Banking

Using Short Code SMS:

  1. Dial *522#
  2. Key in the KCB Mobile Banking PIN
  3. Choose ‘Bill Payment
  4. Select ‘Pay Bill
  5. Select ‘GOTV paybill
  6. Choose ‘Savings
  7. Enter the GOTV IUC Number
  8. Enter the correct amount for the package that you wish to pay for ix. It will pop a message “Congratulations. You just renewed your GOTV subscription”

Via the KCB App

  1. Go to Transact> Pay Bill> Other Billers
  2. Choose GOTV Paybill
  3. Enter Account number
  4. Type in amount to pay and submit

You can as well pay for your GOTV subscription at any KCB Agent

How to Pay for GOTV Through Diamond Trust, Faulu, Jamii Bora, I&M, Prime, Rafiki, Nic, and Guaranty Banks

To pay for your GOtv subscription channel through your bank, for the listed above banks. log onto your mobile banking application and follow these easy steps:

  1.  Login onto Mobile banking
  2. Select Pay Utilities
  3. Choose GOtv
  4. Key in your IUC number
  5. Type in the amount you want to pay vi. Select the account you’d like to pay from
  6. Key the PIN to the bank account selected
  7. Click on Pay to process the payment

How to Make GOTV Payment via CBA Bank

Using Short Code SMS:

  1. Dial *654#
  2. Enter your pin on the screen prompted
  3. Type in option 9 for bill payment
  4. Enter option 2 for GOTv bill payment
  5. Choose the account to pay from
  6. Enter the GOtv IUC number
  7. Key in the amount you would wish to pay
  8. Enter your PIN and submit. You have to get an SMS confirming the success of your transaction

Using CBA Mobile App:

For these techniques, you don’t require GoTv paybill. Simply follow these steps

  1. Log in using phone number and PIN.
  2. Select “transact” from the Menu
  3. Choose “Pay Bills”
  4. Choose an account to pay from
  5. Select GOTV
  6. Enter IUC number & amount
  7. Enter the one-time-password sent to your phone to authorize

USSD GOTV Payment | How to Pay for GOTV via USSD

You do not require a GOTV paybill for this payment method. To pay for the GOTV subscription via USSD payment option, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial the USSD code for your country
  2. Choose GOTV and then press ‘Send’
  3. Enter the decoder IUC Number and then press ‘Send’
  4. Choose ‘Direct Payment’
  5. Select the Country Payment Option of your choice
  6. Enter your Wallet ID
  7. Enter your Wallet PIN
  8. The next screen will prompt your current balance. Enter the amount you wish to pay
  9. The next screen will show you the amount you entered. Enter 1 to confirm
  10. You would receive a notification for your payment

GOTV Packages | GOTV Lite, GOTV Value, GOTV Plus, GOTV MAX

DSTV offers four affordable GOTV packages. We have explored the four GO TV packages to help you make a decision on which subscription works best for you. GOTV Lite, GOTV Value, GOTV us, and GOTV MAX.

The GOTV Lite

This package sets you back 220 shillings a month and you get to enjoy 17 channels among them the free to air local channels.

GOTV Value

The monthly subscription fee for this package is 470 Kenyan Shillings. Thus you get access to 28 channels among them E! Entertainment, Nickelodeon and Africa Magic channels


This package is renewed for 699 Kenyan shillings a month. You will have to access 42 channels among them are Nat Geo, Telemundo, Fox Life, and M-Net Movies Zone.


It is subscript For 1,299 shillings, you can enjoy the Package. Among the added channels are as follows SuperSport Select 4, Fox Entertainment, Sony MAX, and CBS Reality


The GOTV Wow is Multichoice’s way of rewarding their most loyal customers. For you To qualify for this package, you have to pay in time and stay connected for 3 consecutive months. You get to enjoy additional channels among them sports channels and Viasat Life.

GOTV Kenya Packages Rates Summary

Gotv Kenya has four different packages that include: Gotv Max, Gotv Plus, Gotv Value, and Gotv Lite. Each package is priced differently and comes with a varied number of channels.



Number of Channels

Price Kes. Monthly

GOtv Max



GOtv Plus



GOtv Value



GOtv Lite (Monthly)



GOtv Lite (annual)



GOtv Lite (Quarterly)




The Gotv list of channels in each package

No. GOtv Max GOtv Plus GOtv Value GOtv Lite

Entertainment and Movies

2. Africa Magic Family Africa Magic Family
3. Mnet Movie Zone Mnet Movie Zone
4. Maisha Magic East Maisha Magic East Maisha Magic East
5. Maisha Magic Bongo Maisha Magic Bongo
9. Africa Magic Epic Africa Magic Epic Africa Magic Epic
13. EVA+ EVA+
14. Telemundo Telemundo
16. eTV Africa eTV Africa eTV Africa eTV Africa
20. Fox Fox
56. Fashion One Fashion One Fashion One
24. B4U Movies B4U Movies
25. ZEE World ZEE World
26. E!Entainment E!Entainment E!Entainment
19. Fox


30. SuperSport Blitz SuperSport Blitz SuperSport Blitz SuperSport Blitz
31. SuperSport Select 1 SuperSport Select 1 SuperSport Select 1
32. SuperSport Select 2 SuperSport Select 2
33. SuperSport Select 3 SuperSport Select 3
34. SuperSport Select 4


40. Aljazeera Aljazeera Aljazeera Aljazeera
41. BBC World News BBC World News BBC World News


50. Discovery Family Discovery Family
51. NatGeo Wild NatGeo Wild


60. Disney Junior Disney Junior Disney Junior
61. Jim Jam Jim Jam Jim Jam Jim Jam
62. Nickelodeon Nickelodeon Nickelodeon


72. MTV Base MTV Base
76. Afro Music Afro Music Afro Music Afro Music


80. Faith Faith Faith Faith
81. Islam Channel Islam Channel Islam Channel Islam Channel
82. Emmanuel TV Emmanuel TV Emmanuel TV Emmanuel TV


93. Citizen TV Citizen TV Citizen TV Citizen TV
95. K24 K24 K24 K24
96. Ebru TV Ebru TV Ebru TV Ebru TV
97. Inooro TV Inooro TV Inooro TV Inooro TV
100. Kameme TV Kameme TV Kameme TV Kameme TV


Frequently Asked Questions About GOTv

Does GOtv have free to air channels?

Yes, GOtv has free to air channels that you can watch against paying the initial administration fees. This is called the GOtv Open Bouquet, that is a non-subscription package that comes with free to air channels.

How to Check my GOtv activation status?

In some instances, you will overpay a subscription. To be assured about the remaining amount, you may check for your balance. This is as well suitable for those that prefer to pay for months in advance.

Below is a lead to checking the balance. There are two techniques to navigate that;

How to Check my Gotv Bill via SMS

1. Create a new message and character BALANCE, leave some space, then add your IUC number.

2. Send the message to 4688.

3. Wait for the immediate text that should appear promptly with a response to your request.

4. You will be notified of the amount in the account plus the expiry date for the current subscription.

Check Balance via Self Service Portal

1. Head to the GOtv self-service portal. Choose the menu icon and country of residence.

2. Click proceeding with the sign-in tab.

3. Log in to your account using the IUC number and telephone number.

4. Check on the details on display. You might require to scroll down if you were looking through your mobile phone.

Either procedure is fast and efficient in checking your balance, expiration date, and other account details of value to you.

How to Activate GOTV after Payment | GOTV Activation After Payment

If you have simply paid for the monthly subscription and the decoder fails to reactivate automatically, this will show you how to activate GOTV after payment and clear the e-16 error. There are some ways to go around GOTV Activation. Try one or all to observe the one that works for you. How to Activate GOTV after Payment via message simply send ‘Reset Your GOTV account number to 22688.

Activate GOTV Online

It is Eazy GOTV online, log into your account using your surname and your account number. Go to ‘Clear your error’ dialogue box, select E16 and click on ‘Reset device now’

How to Activate GOTV after Payment via Phone

Just dial *423# and follow the prompts

Why is my gotv not working after payment?

Normally, you do not have to manually reset GOtv after payment. You just require to pay for your GOtv subscription with the decoder turned on, and everything should work fine. E30 thus means that your decoder has been turned off or without a signal for a long time.

Is StarTimes better than GOTV?

YES, Startimes is thus far the best in Kenya in terms of signal. You will be sure of begetting the best services from Startimes because their signal is perfect. GoTV, on the other hand, is not bad because it shares the signal with DSTV, which can be rated 8 out of 10.

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