Religion is a subject that has been debated to death by many believers and non-believers. Either side has very little evidence that may completely disprove the opposing point of view, but the battle continues to rage. Meantime, religion itself continues to grow around the world, with numerous new religions coming up from time to time. Even the big religions in the world continue to grow sub-sects that interpret the holy works differently, whereby creating opposing points of view within each religion. There are lots of different churches around the world, and this list contains a few with extremely strange names.

It is always a fact that there is everything in a name. A name defines something about you and who you want to be. The first time Kenyans heard of the Finger of God, it looked similar a joke until they realized it was a church with celebrities to boot. Up to now, it is yet puzzling which finger is the creator’s favorite because it is He who created everything.

And really before Kenyans thought out the probable favorite Finger of God, Helicopter Ministries was born. The church at Mukuru slums does not seem like it would fly anytime soon and its structure is possible a threat to the worshippers. Finger of God seems to have developed its name from the Hand of God International ministries in the United State whose aim is improving the wholeness of one’s spirit, soul, and body, for humanity in all nations of the world and its pastor a Kenyan.

Curiosity arousal through the faithful agree a church name ought to arouse curiosity, it as well has to reflect the congregational character and provide a sense of meaning as to why a church or organization exists.

The following are funny church names:

  • Harvest Church
  • The fullness of Joy
  • Victory Explosion
    God’s Time Miracles
  • The Smackover First United Methodist Church
  • Boring United Methodist Church
  • Right Hand Fork United Methodist Church
  • Mole Mill Church
  • War United Church
  • Lover’s Leap Baptist Church
  • Acme Pentecostal
  • Accident Baptist Church is obviously not Calvinist
  • Corinth Baptist Church
  • Flippin Church of God
  • Hell Hole Swamp Baptist Church
  • Guided Missiles Church
  • Little Hope Baptist Church
  • Weedville United Methodist Church
  • Bethlehem Fire-Baptized Holiness
  • Church of God of the Americas
  • Ridin’ With Christ Cowboy Church
  • Westboro Baptist Church
  • Angel On Fire Chapel Of Peace
  • Church Of The First Born
  • Halfway Baptist Church
  • Cowboy Church
  • Original Church Of God
  • Hell Hole Swamp Baptist Church
  • Fire-Baptized Holiness Church Of God Of The Americas
  • Old German Baptist Brethren New Conference
  • Affirming Pentecostal Church International.
  • Jesus is coming Run for your life international chapel
  • Mountain of swallowing problems
  • The helicopter of Christ ministry
  • Laboratory church of God
  • Jesus elections ministries
  • Who are you to Jesus’ ministry?
  • Battle Ground Baptist Church
  • Waterproof Baptist Church
  • Country Club Christian Church
  • James Bond United Community Church
  • Lover’s Lane Episcopal Church
  • Harmony Baptist Church
  • Boring Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • Little Hope Baptist Church
  • Boring Seventh Day Adventist Church

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