Acrab Web hosting provides a Free domain name when you want a fully customized website with the advanced web hosting plan. So, you can absolutely register a domain for free when signing up for your Acrab web hosting packages.

The two fundamentals of a strong online presence are great domain name and fast web hosting. With Acrab web host you get both. Now everyone can get a domain name completely free of charge!,; .org; .tech;; .com; .net; .xyz; .online; .website; .tech; .space and many other TLDs are ready to be put to use.

How do I get a free domain?

You have two ways to score the perfect name.

1. Get web hosting.

It’s fast, reliable and comes with the best customer support.

Starting at 1500/p.a

Annual web hosting plans include a free domain. They also include:

2. Get a free website hosting.

are you More of a WordPress fan? We’ve got you covered.

Starting at Kshs. 3500/p.a

Get a free domain with any annual Managed WordPress plan – plus, more stuff like:

Need Free Domain Name? Call +254 735 092 375

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