Paying for DSTV bills has been made so easy. The DStv subscribers may check their balance and pay DStv by the use of  Mpesa, airtel money, bank, or as well the smart card. All that is required is the DStv pay bill number or account numbers such as  444900 for Mpesa, and that is active for all the accounts.

The DSTV delivers digital entertainment services to many households in Kenya, Such services include; latest movies, sports, reality shows, and the many popular TV series.

The DStv channel comes with a free dish and has more channels and the best picture quality. Although, it’s the best one, and more expensive than GOtv, Zuku, and StarTimes.

For the Football lovers, this is the best service to consider. All categories of sports you get them here, from League football to Rugby, Epl, Serie A, League 1, LaLiga, name all.

To pay for  DStv using Mpesa Paybill, you will require to choose the right packages: it offers a  wide variety which includes; Cartoon Network for the kids, Documentaries, news and football, TV series, and soap operas, etc.

The DStv Customer Care

  1. The call center may be reached through 0711066000
  2. Facebook: @DStvkenya Twitter: @DStv_Kenya
  3. WhatsApp: +254 755 896248

DStv Packages and Their Prices

DStv gives the best channels on the African continent. This includes world sports channels before-mentioned as SuperSport and documentary channels such as National Geographic. These channels you access are, however, reliant on the package you prefer.

The packages and their prices are as follows:

DStv Premium – KSh. 7,500

This package has more than 128 channels and costs KSh .7,500. This premium package was before was being charged at KSh. 7,900 and the reduction in price don’t mean it has reduced channels or has poorer quality.

The channels offered comprise more than 100 channels streaming content from throughout the world including live sports, documentaries, kids’ channels, and even movies in high definition (HD) quality.

DStv Compact Plus – KSh. 4,500

This package from DStv has more extra 113 channels and used to cost KSh. 5,200 a while back.

On this Compact Plus, you can furthermore access a good number of top channels found on the Premium package. These include sports channels and lots of local entertainment. The Movie and music channels are still accessible in plenty.

DStv Compact – KSh. 2,500

This package was previously going for KSh. 3,200, the DStv Compact package has higher than 106 channels amongst them local sports channels, movie channels, and kids’ programs. Music channels are further in plenty in this package.

DStv Family – KSh. 1200

This unit has at least 87 channels and had an earlier price of KSh. 1,900. As its name implies, it has channels centered on the family. These include Africa Magic Movies, Sony Max, and many more. When you’re looking for the most family-friendly shows, then the DStv Family package would meet your needs.

DStv Access – KSh. 900

This package has at least 71 channels and had the previous pricing of KSh 950 before the price drop. The aforementioned is an introductory package for the family package and has most of the channels on the previous package simply with a few key exceptions.

The DStv Package Add-ons

Beyond the packages earlier, there are add-ons you may bundle with the current package for extra channels. They include the following:

1. DStv French Plus – KSh. 3,400

This package add-on allows you to access 15 French channels for a mere KSh. 3,400. You may add the package to the Premium, Compact Plus, and Compact bouquets.

2. The Great Wall Africa Bouquet – KSh. 770

This comprises an independent package filled with Chinese content. You’ll find Chinese documentaries, lifestyle channels, news channels, and entertainment channels in the package.

If paying with your M-Pesa (or another method), have in mind the prices of the package you’re paying toward. Those prices are subject to changes and thus require to confirm them each time you make the payment

How to Pay DSTV Via Mpesa using DSTV Paybill

Currently the paybill number of DSTV is 444900

  1. Go to your Phone’s toolkit and click on Safaricom
  2. Choose Mpesa then ‘Lipa Na Mpesa’
  3. Select ‘Pay Bill’
  4. Key in the DStv Mpesa Paybill number, 444900
  5. Type in your DSTV account number. Don’t confuse this with the smart card number.
  6. Type in the amount you wish to pay for
  7. Enter your M-Pesa PIN.
  8. Check again to make sure that you have input the correct information
  9. Wait for a confirmation message

How to know my DStv account number

The DStv account number is just the smart card number without the last digit. The DStv smart card has 11 digits that form a 10-digit code to be the account number. This number may be found on the smart card and under the decoder.

In the event you can’t access your smart card number and consequently the account number, here are the methods of accessing it:

Using the DStv Remote

With your DStv on, take grasp of the remote control and follow these steps:

  1. Press the OK button on your remote control.
  2. Choose the “Information Central” option on the screen and press OK again.
  3. Look at the far-right side of your screen for a 10-digit code. That’s your account number.

When Using the USSD Code

For those without smartphones, DStv has given a USSD code to access some of its services. The code is *423#. Dial that from the phone and follow the prompts which follow to receive your account number.

How to reset Dstv after payment

To Reset DSTV Decoder In Kenya After Making Payment

  1. Make payment to DSTV via Mpesa Paybill No.444900 using the account No.
  2. Send an SMS to 3788 by typing ‘Reset‘ leave a space and type your DSTV Account No.
  3. Ensure your DSTV decoder is on.

How to Clear DStv Errors?

The Error codes are popular with DStv customers and knowing their meaning is a major stepping towards resolving them.

Rather than pushing customers to make calls to its customer care desk, Multichoice Africa devised techniques for customers to resolve lots of problems on their own through the Self-care program.

The usual errors include the following:

E-18 error

This error code emerges if the channel you’re trying to watch is scrambled. This points to a product mismatch or also a  halting of the service.

You are anticipated to see this error code after disconnecting and reconnecting the decoder from its dish or if the decoder was not on power for a while.

For you To clear this error code, you should first connect the decoder to the dish, turn on its power then wait for 15 minutes. 

 E19 error 

This error arises whenever the account has been suspended. Every solution to this requires calling the DStv customer care desk because there’s no workaround for it on the customer’s end. Usually, the reasons for suspension are particularly known by the customer care desk.

E30 error 

This error code develops while you’re installing the DStv decoder for the first time, or you’ve not used the decoder for a long time and you are starting it.

To resolve it, you require to give the decoder a few minutes and it’ll go away on its own.

E32 error 

This kind of error appears when your decoder hasn’t been enabled to view that channel. It may be because of the suspension of your account. You’ll require to call the DStv customer care desk.

To resolve all of these errors, DStv gives an online platform where you may follow these prompts to solve it:

  1. Go to the DStv error resolution page.
  2. Select the error code you’ve seen displayed on your TV.
  3. Enter your smart card number for your decoder.
  4. Enter the captcha challenge then select the “Fix Error” button.
  5. On the next page, click on the “Reset Device” option.

Your device would be reset. When it comes to, the error should be gone. If not, you’ll require to reach out to the customer care desk.

Always ensure that your decoder is on whether you’re paying for it, or fixing an error. With the directions provided in this blog, you’ve assured peace of mind when interacting with your DStv decoder.

What is the DSTV bank account number?

Branch Code: 632005

Bank Account Number: 170000072

Account Type: Current.

How to pay DStv without the smart card number?

if you don’t have the card number you can use other methods of payments like using a bank account, Mpesa Paybill, airtel money among other forms of payments that are accredited by the DSTV channel.  

How to check Dstv balance

You may know your DSTV account balance or the current rate through the comfort of your mobile phone.

  • To check your balance, send an SMS beginning with the word “Bal” followed by space  “smartcard number” to the number 3788
  • The service costs KES 5 on both Safaricom and Airtel

On the website, Log on to Sign in with your DSTV smart card and your phone number. Navigate and click on “Account” Your DSTV balance will be displayed.

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