Every day, our team works with our partners across the country, to strengthen the backbone of organizations and their economic security. Often, we’re behind the scenes making sure that the systems and networks rely on are there when they need them. We work collaboratively with national and local government, private industry, law enforcement, and top-tier researchers.

  1. Cybersecurity Management Solution

Our managed cybersecurity services include customized solutions to:

  • Monitor all endpoint activity and stop advanced threat actors penetrating your defenses.
  • Protect your users and dramatically reduce the effort required to stop advanced threats that target your endpoints, no matter where or how they work.
  • Deploy advanced intelligence technology to help your organization see, rapidly analyze, and diagnose targeted zero-day threats.
  • Ensure a 24/ real-time monitoring, correlation, and expert analysis of security activity occurring in your environment, driven by an intelligence platform with reliable metrics.
  1. Secure Document Management Solution

  • Document security isn’t a perk – it’s a foundational feature around which our industry-leading document management solution is built.
  • Safe access to files anytime anywhere: Gain safe and secure access to all your files at any time with DocuXplorer’s Web Client. A web browser is all you need to unlock the power of our document archiving system.
  • Integration with Essential Software: Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, and in-house software all integrate seamlessly with our system so you can focus what matters to your business.
  1. Risk Management Services

IT Audit

Our IT Audit Services Include:

      • IT risk Assessment
      • Security Audits
      • Application / ERP Audits
      • Compliance Audits
      • Segregation of Duties (SOD) Audits
      • IT process and controls Audits
      • Pre- / Post-implementation reviews
IT Assurance

Our IT Assurance Services Include:

      • IT internal and external audit
      • IT assessment and benchmarking
      • IT attestation and certification
      • Regulatory compliance
      • IT governance
      • ERP systems and controls
Risk Management & Compliance

Our Risk Management & Compliance Services Include:

      • Security Awareness Training & Program Development
      • Social Engineering Testing
      • Risk Assessment
      • Digital Forensics & Incident Report