Bulk SMS in Nakuru, a bulk SMS service provider for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Our operational office is located in Lams Business Mall shop 31-32. For the past two years, we have catered to diverse business enterprises with a safeguarded SMS gateway. We are the most leading and reliable SMPP service provider in Nakuru, Kenya.
Delivered above excellent and high-speed SMS gateway functionalities with easy access to the dashboard to many clients around the globe. We offer SMS marketing and text messaging solutions where a business, enterprise, or individual can send Bulk SMS to its potential customers with a single click.
Now in this competitive business era our SMS marketing services have expanded their wings and started delivering efficient solutions for OTP SMS service, Transactional Bulk SMS, Promotional Bulk SMS. We are the most trustworthy player in the messaging solution market offering a wide range of services such as Voice call service, Opt-in SMS, Shortcode service, the two-way messaging solution with Long code, toll-free service provider with customized support Miss Call Alert service. We are dexterous experts in providing customized promotional bulk SMS packages with & without sender Id at affordable prices. Other privileged services include the SMPP Gateway service in Kenya. High-speed network and two-way connectivity solution for SMPP gateway. We sell you SMS units at a rate of as low as KES 0.85 per unit and sender ID at Kes 7000


(Smartly reinvented. for lawman with 100% mobile compatibility)

100% Responsive Panel

The advancement of technology is a reality of this ultra-modern world and thus its outcome does not seem unreal too.

Private Whitelabel Reselling

The panel you can use on your domain with your logo, This is best for a reseller who want to sale from own brand or website.

Load Balance SMPP

The auto switcher functions manage SMPP from the backend, when any SMPP has a heavy load/Down then it’s auto switch to another one.

10 Services in One Panel

You can manage 10 services from one web panel likes Promo SMS, Trans. SMS, Voice Call, MissCall, IVR, and more.

Customise Brand Setting

That Days are gone when the reseller was appointed A-Record. Now you can direct login from your website, No need to appoint A-Record.

Crystal Clear Delivery Report

You can check individual SMS report with live status, DLR gives you assurity that your SMS delivered according to TRAI Guidelines.

Schedule SMS

No Matter what you doing right now, just schedule your SMS according to your preferred time, SMS auto blast according to schedule time.

Developer API

We Provide Standard HTTP-API, who best for any ERP, Software, and online application, for using it you can send SMS from your own apps.

100% Uptime Cloud Server

We have 10+ SMPP Backup Server and using TIER 4-Data Centre, Cloud Hosting Server so there is no chance to downtime in any situation.

Bulk SMS marketing helps you to promote your services or relay information to your clients, stakeholders, employees, church or golf members, Research shows that people have adopted the use of cell phones globally, and bulk SMS’s open rates are as high as 98%. And, on average, it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text message.

Property management text messaging

As a property manager, one of the most important parts of your job is clear, timely communication with your tenants. But if we were to guess what you’d say is the most difficult part of your job, we think you’d probably say clear, timely communication with your tenant.

Therein lies the problem!

You’re busy and the last thing you have time to be doing is chasing down people for rent. And who’s to say how much a buried email with an essential maintenance request could wind up costing you.

You simply can’t afford to have communications that aren’t timely, direct, and accessible!

We don’t say this all the time, but text marketing is practically made for property managers. And we’re excited to show you why!

How Text Messaging Helps Property Managers and Tenants

We made a pretty big claim just now, but we believe we have the chops to back it up. Here are just a few of the ways texting can make your work as a property manager 1000% easier.

Better record keeping
We hope that things don’t go south for you with your tenants, but if you find yourself faced with a “he said she said” situation, a clear record of your communications is essential. With our SMS platform, you have a record of all your exchanges with each and every subscriber. You’ll always be able to return to the root of the issue when it’s right there in black and white!

On a more positive note, this can also be used as a great tool for busy minds. A quick trip through your thread with a tenant can kickstart your memory to check back in about a fixed faucet, an issue with a rent check, or a number of other things!

Accessibility on-the-go
As a property manager, you’re “on” virtually 24/7. You can’t always be glued to a landline or computer screen, so you need a way to stay passively connected to your community of tenants. Enter— the SimpleTexting dashboard. Accessible through your computer or app (for iOS and Google Play) you can reach your messages anywhere you need to.

With no need to give out your personal number, your dashboard helps you organize your communications, schedule messages for later dates, and SO much more. All of our features are available no matter where you access your dashboard, and they’re all built to help you save time.

Easy for your tenants
Texting is something nearly every one of your tenants already knows how to do. It doesn’t require internet access or app downloads on their part. In fact, a great deal of recent communication data points to texting as a preferred method of communication for most people!

All they need to do to reach you is simply send you a message. And on the flip side, your messages will be side-by-side to those of family and friends right in their inbox. Pretty hard to ignore!

Cost efficient
Text marketing is incredibly affordable, mostly due to the fact that it’s customizable to each budget! Texts cost cents to send and, better yet, all incoming messages are free! We think peace of mind is priceless, but since we need to slap a dollar value on it, we make it as affordable as possible to start sending thousands of messages. Like, less than the cost of 6 Starbucks coffee runs affordable!

General admin communications
SMS is a great tool for external communications, but it’s just as useful when it comes to internal operations. Internal employee communication, advertising open jobs, and collecting candidate information are just a few of the ways we’ve seen people take advantage of our platform in the past. With a little bit of creativity, you’d be surprised at the ways texting can automate and make administrative tasks a breeze.

Sample Texts For Property Managers

If text marketing is starting to sound better and better just wait. We hope these ideas for the types of text messages you can start sending will sweeten the pot even more!

Rent Reminders

The first, most straightforward use case is texting out rent reminders. A gentle reminder about this monthly deadline can be an easy way to cut down on the missed or late payments. These texts can be scheduled out in advance giving you an easy set it and forget it strategy.

What Is A Rent Reminder? A rent reminder is a letter or notice that is sent out to tenants either before their rent is due or after their rent is late. The point of this letter is to gently remind tenants that they need to pay rent without including any type of threat of consequences.

Texting tenants will allow you to maintain active communication with your residents, be proactive on service issues, close leases faster and stand out in a mobile world.

With more Americans relying on mobile devices as their primary communication device to remain connected, texting is becoming a popular technique for personalizing a professional relationship.  Companies across the globe have seen a huge increase in sales after opening up the lines of communication through text support.  The convenience and personal touch of texting, has resulted in closing sales, better customer retention, and brand loyalty.

Landlords and property managers are prime candidates for professions that will benefit from texting in the workplace.  90% of Kenyan adults own a mobile phone, which means a huge majority of your renters own a cell phone too.  Texting tenants is an efficient way to communicate, which will save you time and money.  


  1. They’ll get the message.  Text messages have a reported 99% open rate, and 94% are read within 5 minutes.  Your tenants won’t be able to tell you they missed a call or the email went to spam.
  2. Universal.  Even if your tenants don’t have a smartphone, they will still be able to receive your messages.  Without a smartphone, emails are only accessed from a computer.  For tenants on the go, texting your tenants will be more convenient.
  3. They’ll respond.  Texting has become an instantaneous form of communication that is convenient for senders and receivers.  The response rate associated with SMS is significant.  According to Text Marketer, customers are 6-8 times more like to take action from a text message than through email.
  4. You’ll Be Competitive – Positioning yourself as a tech-savvy manager who communicates with tenants through convenient messaging platforms will make you stand out from competitors who are not text-friendly.

Even though the research supports it, you might have some tenants who cannot or do not want to receive text messages.  During the lease signing process, make sure to discuss your tenants preferred communication methods, and ask them if texting is okay.  


  1. Get their permission first.   
  2. Put it in writing.  Your lease agreement or some other document should have a section that indicates your tenant is would like to receive text messages from you.
  3. Let them know what and how often you will text your tenants.  Your tenants will appreciate knowing what type of information you will be communicating via text message.  Limit them to repair updates, rent due dates, or seasonal maintenance reminders.  Every text you send them should have a purpose and be meaningful so your tenant values and appreciates them.
  4. Provide guidelines for what a tenant can text you.  Limit what information a tenant may text you.  If you have a tenant portal for submitting maintenance requests, you should tell them they need to use the portal and not text you.  Remind them that important issues, like late rent or lease termination, need to be in writing and include a phone call, as stated in your lease agreement.  


While some jurisdictions are recognizing text messages as a legal form of electronic communication, you will find yourself better protected if you provide hard copies of important items or changing lease terms like rent increases.  Texting your tenant best serves for simple reminders about seasonal maintenance or as a follow up to an email or written notification.

For more information check out this post on Zillow about legal opinions on texting between landlords and tenants.

Rent is due text

Busy property managers and landlords will find convenient texting features in their property management software. You will be able to schedule individual or group texts to your tenants to automatically generate and send whenever you want. You can create single-use messages or schedule the delivery of a message to coordinate with seasonal maintenance reminders or rent due dates. You can also automatically notify tenants when new charges are posted, payments are received, or if their account is late.

To learn more about how to use your property management software to text your tenants check out a recent update to your management platform Improve Tenant Communication with New Updates to Email & Text Messages Features.  

Bulk SMS for Learning Institutions

It is now easy to send school reports cards and fee balances to parents via our bulk SMS services for schooL.

Our bulk SMS for Schools is a special edition of Celcom Africa that not only helps schools do bulk SMS messaging but also lets them send report cards and fee balance notifications to parents via bulk SMS.

Besides, it packs all the features that users love about Celcom bulk SMS: SMS branding, long SMS, importation of contacts from Excel files, multiple account users, elegance and simplicity etc. And it’s all FREE.

Sounds Nice, But How Else Can I Use Celcom Africa Bulk SMS?

There are many uses of Celcom Africa bulk SMS for Schools and the only limitation is your imagination. To help you get started though, here are some:

  • Use bulk SMS to inform parents about school opening and closing dates
  • Use text messages to send meeting invitations and reminders
  • Bulk SMS can be used to communicate emergency situations.
  • Keep parents in the know regarding school trips, communal works through bulk SMS.
  • Send information through SMS messages to parents about the school’s achievements.
  • Use text messages to send fee structures
  • Use bulk text marketing for seasonal greetings e.g during Easter, Christmas, Id-ul-Fitr, Diwali, etc.

Frequently asked questions

How do we make payment for the SMS we send?

You have to fill the wallet with amount of your choice , and it is a pay as you go model the amount would be automatically deducted when you send messages.

Can we send long messages?

Yes ! you can , if the message exceeds 160 characters then you would be charged for the second message as well

What is a sender ID ?

It is the mobile number or name that an SMS message comes from. You can set your own sender ID and customize your message.

How is the SMS charged ?

For every message that is submitted would be charged

What is business account?

This service help to send promotion and transactional messages to your list of users with lowest price per sms.

What is the difference between transactional message and promotional message ?

Transactional SMS: Messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for using your product or service.
Promotional SMS: These are SMSes that are sent with the objective of promoting your product or service.

How do I bulk SMS a business?

You just need to do a few steps before starting a successful mobile marketing campaign:

  1. Select Bulk SMS application.
  2. Choose numbers from your contacts database.
  3. Write custom text message(s)
  4. Select individual recipients (if any)
  5. Schedule date and time for sending SMS.

How do I start a bulk SMS business in Kenya?

How to Start a Bulk SMS Reseller Business in Kenya

  1. Register with a bulk SMS wholesaler. Since you will be buying and selling custom SMS units, you will need to register with a custom SMS wholesaler from whom you will buy your SMS units.
  2. Buy custom SMS units. 
  3. Customize your SMS reselling platform.
  4. Promote your business.
  5. Pitch potential customers.

How do I create a bulk SMS?

To send bulk sms, please follow the steps below:

  1. Register a bulk sms account on acrabujumbe. 
  2. After registration, confirm your email address and you will be presented with your own personal bulk sms portal.
  3. Click on Send Bulk SMS at the top of the page.
  4. Enter your sms, the sender ID and the phone numbers and hit Send!

How can I sell bulk SMS?

Let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. Become a Bulk SMS Service Provider. To set up an SMS gateway of your own, you have to follow the following steps: 
  2. Start as a Bulk SMS Reseller. If you want to start on your own, you need a defined strategy for your business. 
  3. Get into the Business as Bulk SMS Aggregator.

How do I start my own SMS gateway?

1 Create a User account with the help of HTTP API that comes with your SMS gateway.

2 Now connect your SMS client to the SMS gateway by entering your username and password. Otherwise, tell your developer to integrate your SMS gateway HTTP API into that SMS client.

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