Access Your Router

The First thing you will have to do is to access your router’s settings panel. It is only done by navigating to on your PC, where a simple login page meets you. All this information may be found on the bottom of your Safaricom router, including the default admin credentials you require to log in.

By default, the username is Root, and the password is adminHW.

After a successful login, you are then expected to enter your new password, which you will be used to accessing the admin side of the router settings.

2.Changing settings.

Once you logged in, you will be prompted to change the password; this is your login password and not wifi password.

Change the password, navigate to WLAN on the top bar menu. Identify the SSID name column then change to the desired name. Identify WPA Preshared Key and change it to your private password. Click on Apply to change the settings. Your pc will disconnect from the wifi, and you will have to connect again using the password.

3. Restarting the router.

In case you require to restart your router for rebooting, click on the last menu tab System tools then click on Restart to reboot the router.

NOTE: Don’t change whatever other settings on the router because it may interfere with your connection and speed.

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