Safaricom Home Fiber Review: 2024 Kenya ISPs Review

Safaricom Home Fiber: 2024 ISP in Kenya Review

Are you sick of constant “loading” and buffering issues? Are you yearning for a high-speed internet connection in Kenya? Safaricom Home Fibre asserts itself as the digital solution for all of your internet problems. But is everything rainbows and sunshine? Get ready, as we go deeply into Safaricom Home Fibre, analyzing its benefits, drawbacks, and […]

Best Wireless Headphones in Kenya and Prices

Best Wireless Headphones in Kenya and Prices

Looking for the best headphones in Kenya? We have selected the best Bluetooth headphones on sale at Jumia and their respective prices. 1. Best For Bass – Vidvie 2101 Vidvie 2101 Price in Kenya – KSh2,750.00 Wireless Split Technology, without any wire, and binaural stereo sound. the two earphones can be used simultaneously, also one […]

How To Change Safaricom Fiber Password

Access Your Router The First thing you will have to do is to access your router’s settings panel. It is only done by navigating to on your PC, where a simple login page meets you. All this information may be found on the bottom of your Safaricom router, including the default admin credentials you require […]

How to Start a Wireless Internet Service Provision Business in Kenya

How to Start Internet Service Provision Business in Kenya (2024 Edition) Are you interested in knowing how to start a Wi-Fi business in Kenya and make good money? Are you asking yourself if the Wi-Fi business is profitable? Or do you plan to start an Internet Service Provision business in Kenya but you don’t know […]

Get Wireless Internet in Gilgil for Home/Office

Accessible Fiber Internet with Acrab Internet: Revolutionizing Gilgil’s Connectivity In response to Gilgil residents’ need for a dependable and affordable home internet option, Acrab Internet offers its fiber internet service at a competitive installation price of Ks. 4,500. Acrab Internet is here to transform your online experience if you’re sick of the exorbitant prices linked […]

The Best Internet Service Provider In Nakuru – Acrab

Best ISP in Nakuru County

Acrab Internet is one of the best internet providers (ISP) in Nakuru town and its surroundings. Acrab Internet’s vision is to offer super-fast wireless internet service in all towns in Kenya. We top the charts consistently for how we interact with our customers and our service level. We deliver incredibly fast internet speeds, climbing up […]

Easy Way: How To Make Money At Home Selling Internet

Did you know that you can start a WiFi internet business in Kenya from the comfort of your home and earn crazy money? This is a step-by-step guide on how you can start to make money at home by selling your Wi-Fi. You will only need a small budget. Anyone can do this business since […]