Cars For Sale in Nakuru Kenya

Cars For Sale in Nakuru Kenya

The global auto industry is highly competitive, and it is controlled by companies in Europe, Japan, the United States, and South Korea.  We are a Reliable and Trusted Online Marketplace For used and new vehicles. We offer the best Wide Range Of Quality Vehicles from various companies that include: Nissan, Toyota, Honda. Hyundai Motor Group. General […]

Best Hotels in Kisumu

Travelling is fun,  But it may become expensive if you don’t know where and how to find the best deals. That’s where we will assist! Obtaining a great deal on a hotel room may save you hundreds and thousands of shillings. Absolutely, you can perpetually reserve a hotel room on the hotel’s website, though is […]

15 Richest Kids in the World

While many people work hard during the entirety of their life to earn sufficient money to live their lives, there are some who are born into a fortune. When some of us were playing in the mud outside and crossing our fingers to pass those midterm exams, those kids had an entirely different life plan. […]

Which is The Poorest Tribe in Kenya

Below the economic tough times in Kenya are on the rise. The first and principal reason for this is the continued increase in corruption rates in the country. Hence, this has made the costs of goods and services to increase—for example, basic wants like food, housing, and many more. Which is the poorest tribe in […]

How to Get 8 Hours of Sleep in 4 Hours and Stay Productive

Having enough sleep is necessary for good health. However, not only does it play a major role in our physical and mental health, but also it does signify how productive we are in our daily activities. We are all aware of how important it is to be productive in our working hours. Although with the […]

How to Make Hand Sanitizer – Homemade

This project will teach you how to make hand sanitizer by yourself and to be honest it does not require any form of experience. It is well known that some commercial hand sanitizers contain harmful ingredients in their formulation even though they protect you from all sorts of germs, so we advise you to make […]

11 Reasons Why You’re Still Broke Today

Okay so you’re broke, maybe in debt, and really wanting to have a good career you love and can be proud of. One that will make you good money. Then this is for you. We all want to make a lot of money, but for most people who have this goal they do struggle to […]

The Best Oppo Smartphones In Kenya With Prices – 2020

Are you thinking about buying a new Oppo smartphone in Kenya? Whether you are looking for the best Oppo price, budget phone that won’t disappoint, or the latest model with the most advanced features in the industry, there are plenty of good reasons to choose an OPPO smartphone. The Oppo price in Kenya is relatively […]

Is Screen Replacement Really Worth It?

Did you know that an estimate of 90% of people drops their phones at least once a month? Smartphone has become our best friend, it knows so much about us. It makes life easier and better for us. For most people, it’s not a matter of if but when, and though the materials used on the […]

Top 5 Home Appliances To Make Your life Easier.

Truth be told, home appliances make life easier. With the right appliances, you can save a lot of time and energy. In the modern world, one should embrace new technologies. By doing so you will save time and efforts. Here are must-have home appliances to make your life easier and full of relief. 1. Cordless […]