Cheap Lodgings in Nakuru Town

Cheap Lodgings in Nakuru Town

Lodges in Nakuru town, Kenya are the starting point for all of your great adventures, and if you are like many travelers, your home away from home is one of the most important parts of the trip. Nakuru county being one of the developing town to be a city, finding accommodation that is affordable to […]

12 facts about Randi Chaveria

Randi Chaverria is the former high school teacher in Texas (USA) who has been accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student. In a surprising twist of occasions, Police say she engaged in sexual contact with a male Round Rock High School student, including at least twice inside her classroom, during the fall […]

List of Stadiums in Kenya

The following is a list of stadiums in Kenya The Gusii Stadium It is located within Kisii Town, southwest of Kenya. It is used for football matches primarily and is the home stadium of the Shabana Kisii Football Club. The stadium carries a capacity of 5,000 people. Machakos Stadium Also called Machakos Kenyatta Stadium, the […]

Funny Church Names

Religion is a subject that has been debated to death by many believers and non-believers. Either side has very little evidence that may completely disprove the opposing point of view, but the battle continues to rage. Meantime, religion itself continues to grow around the world, with numerous new religions coming up from time to time. […]

National Youth Service Requirements

National Youth Service (NYS) is an organization under the Government of Kenya. It was founded in 1964 to train young people in critical national affairs. In the year 2019, the organization was changed from a state department to a fully-fledged semi-autonomous state corporation after enactment of the NYS act, 2018 by the Kenyan parliament. Approximately […]

A list of all Naruto Movies in Chronological Order

Naruto is a Japanese manga that was written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. From this manga, the Naruto franchise movie and series were created. Naruto movie and the series franchise is the best animation recommended. It is an adventure, shounen, drama, romance, comedy, and action movie series based on two one-shot Japanese manga. The storyline […]

The 18 Best Free Sites To Download Movies and TV Shows Online

Entertainment industries have come an extended way, from watching films during a black and white to watching an entire clear with better quality movies and television shows on your mobile device in your hand, from cinema to your comfortable couch in your home. The following are the 18 best websites to observe or download movies […]