How to start farming in Kenya: Your guide to success

How to start farming in Kenya Your guide to success

Kenya has a boundless abundance of land, resources, and climate variations that allow it to produce different kinds of crops in its agricultural sector. Farming is one of the major industries in Kenya. For this reason, the economy of Kenya is agri-based. This industry may employ up to 70% of the Kenyan workforce, hence contributing […]

Types of farming in Kenya

Types of farming in Kenya

Farming remains the most significant economic activity in Kenya, though less than 8% of the land is practiced for crop and feed production. Less than 20% of the land is proper for farming, of which only 12% is listed as high potential agricultural land and about 8% is common potential land. The remainder of the […]

Start a Profitable Kienyeji Chicken Business in Kenya

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The Kienyeji chicken farming entails keeping domestic chicken breeds in Kenya that form your starting stock. you can take from the already egg-laying chicken as well as cock. Also, several breeds of indigenous poultry are available from which you may choose. Kienyeji chicken contributes to improved human nutrition and food security by being the first […]

Greenhouse Farming in Kenya

Greenhouse Farming in Kenya

Greenhouse farming is often perceived as an artificial procedure, classified by low nutritional worth of the final product and the heavy use of chemical inputs. Furthermore, large areas covered with greenhouses create a big visual impact. In contrast, open-field cultivation is perceived as an ‘eco-friendly’ activity and one that has a much less visual impact. […]

Rabbit Farming in Kenya

Rabbit farming is one of the fastest-growing micro-livestock projects in Kenya. Rabbit is fancied as a sustainable source of proteins in an era where climate change, population, and changing meat consumption models are rising in the developing countries. Furthermore, rising per capita income, growing urbanization, and discovering globalization are boosting the demand for high-value commodities […]

Poultry Farming In Kenya

Poultry farming is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya due to the demand for chicken by big restaurants and hotels. This makes poultry farming an important business in the agriculture industry because it creates employment to those Kenyans who are in search of employment opportunity, it builds a business platform for entrepreneurs, it […]

Avocado Farming in Kenya

The avocado is indigenous to the Americas but grows well in Kenya. It is highly nutritious with a high protein and oil content and is now becoming increasingly important as an export product. The fruit is almost sodium-free, rich in potassium dietary fiber, and vitamin B6, C, D, and E. Avocado is eaten as fresh […]

Apple Farming in Kenya

The Apples may be propagated both by seed and through the grafting procedure. However, growing from seed doesn’t result in the same crop as the origin but grafts retain their properties and taste like that of the parent plant. It’s advised to use grafted apple seedlings to establish the apple orchard. There are three necessary […]