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Best iPhone Repair Shop in Nakuru

Best iPhone Repair Shop in Nakuru

Acrab Phone Repair  is Iphone store that repairs Apple phones in Nakuru, today everyone is using an iPhone whether at home or business and however when the device becomes damaged we have to get the repair services. The most common issues that have been notified in the iPhone phone are:

  1. Battery replacement
  2. Broken screen
  3.  Motherboard issues
  4.  Camera and home button issues
  5. Water damage
  6. Speaker, Mic, Ear speaker repair or replace
  7. Touch and Motion Sensor Repair
  8. Non-working of apps
  9. Non-charging of iPad
  10. Non-closure of the iPad device
  11. Resolve space errors in hard drive
  12. Software updates and virus removal 

There are various reasons due to which the before-mentioned problems can take place and the only solution is that you protect your iphone phone. We have a team of experts that provide you the best iPhone repair services. We will as well give you the perfect guidance so that you will not have to deal with the problem ever again. 

The following are some of the major problems we repair on iPhone:


Logic Board Repair Does your iPhone lcd repair with Acrab phone repair and is satisfied with the original lcd covered with an extended warranty. Done by professionals with no data lost and within 30mins. Most commonly done together with power/sleep button flex replacement.

Warranty Provided – Acrab phone repair gives an Extended warranty on iPhone LCDs and for any manufacturer related issues as long as there is no visible accidental damage. For maximum customer satisfaction, a 7-day full money-back guarantee is included.


Acrab phone repair offers both replacement & repairs to customers. Even you must agree that using the assistive touch gets really annoying after a while.

Warranty Provided

Acrab phone repair gives a 2-month warranty on problematic home buttons and we will change it without question if it starts acting up again.


When Constantly having used more and more force to OFF your phone until it finally shows you that it is dead by not responding at all is a symbol that your workhorse needs to be FIXED.

Warranty Provided

You Rest assured that you are covered by Acrab phone repair warranty of 2 months and top-notch workmanship. 


When your iPhone begins turning OFF itself when it still shows 30% of power, then know its time the battery requires to be replaced. Get it done fast at Acrab Phone Battery Repair.


When you cannot hear others or others can’t hear you, probably there could be a problem with either your buzzer or mic ports. The worst of the case is that your microphone ic & audio ic require reballing. Well, still a simple fix for Acrab Phone repair at Nakuru.


Your iPhone Losing signal and wifi it may have a variety of reasons. At Acrab phone repair, we can diagnose each and every problem in minutes and quote you a reliable price for a quick fix. Not everything is expensive sometimes the phone just requires a little bit of tweaking for the signal to return.


Dropping your iPhone into water needs an urgent isopropyl bath to liquidate all excess moisture. Acrab Phone Repair will then do a full scrub of the motherboard to remove constitute up of rust before checking for lesser segment damage. With our high success valuation why worry? When we are there for you.


  • Quick service delivery

Our operations are designed with our customers in mind to make sure we deliver timely and professional services.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always our first priority. We try everything we can to make you satisfied and provide the best service. however, we are more than happy to assist you and provide appropriate solutions. 

  • Affordable Price

You will get a high-quality unit with great looks and performance at a price that is more considerable and affordable. More importantly, our prices are competitive whereas at the same time giving you value for your money.

  • We have repaired thousands of phones 

We’ve been repairing phones and tablets for years. Our experienced team of technicians has repaired thousands of phones just like yours, therefore we really know what we’re doing

  • Our customers love us

    Most of our customers love the service we give. Our repair technicians are the best in the business repairs are done to the highest standards and all our technicians are highly-trained and have undergone rigorous mechanical and background checks.
  • We do love to give great service

    We’re real people, and you may call us any time to talk to one of our experienced technicians for advice
  • Your phone is safe

    Because your phone is repaired by highly professional technicians, you may be absolutely certain that the product stays secure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I didn’t  drop my iPhone but the screen is causing problems, can you tell why?

You will be required to switch off the phone and then switch it on. If the problem is resolved there are chances that the touch IC has some problems and our experts will repair it. 

 Can I buy my own battery for the phone?

Yes, you may buy your own battery but the one available on our platform is more durable and has the original performance.

Is there other phone brand repair available at Acrab phone Repair?

Do you need a repair service for other phone brands? Visit our shop to search for the required repairs.

How much does phone repair cost?

The pricing for repairs varies depending on what iPhone repair you require. No matter which repair, our prices are relatively lower compared to any other iPhone repair service center.

How much time will it take to repair/service my iPhone?

Most of the time we repair your iPhone within 1 hour, in case any of the spares are unavailable our technician will inform you about the delay in turnaround time.

What modes of payments are accepted at Acrab iPhone repair service center?

We accept cash and all types of major credit/debit cards.

Is there any discount applicable?

Most of the time we have offered discount running, depending on the offers you will be given a discount on your final bill.

Can I get a standby device till my iPhone gets repaired?

Yes, depending on the availability of stand by the device we may provide you a stand by the device.

Do you also provide iOS software upgrade services?

Yes, we do provide software upgrade services.

Can I get my iPhone repair in Nakuru which is not covered under the Apple warranty?

Yes, we do provide iPhone Repair in Nakuru which is not covered under the Apple warranty.

Where are your stores located in Nakuru?

Currently, we have our branch in Nakuru which is located at Lams Business mall off Kenyatta avenue opposite Equity Bank.

It’s that simple! Contact us now at 0740454769 or hit the WhatsApp button! Follow us on our Facebook page to get the latest update on whether we are operating on special dates such as the Kenyan New Year period.

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