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Acrab Internet Company in Nakuru City

Acrab Internet Company - Best internet service provider in Nakuru

When it comes to an internet company provider with a personal touch, Acrab Internet is the way to go. They offer the best internet service experience within Nakuru City.

The company has invested heavily in infrastructure and skilled personnel to make sure clients get high quality internet. They offer customized installation options. They focus heavily on downtime reduction and improving speeds. This among other key features, makes Acrab Internet company stand out from the crowd.

Wi-Fi Internet Installation Cost - Acrab Internet Company 

The company offers 3 different types of installation models. This makes it convenient and affordable for different clients needs. Bellow we will cover the different types of internet installation.

A. Change of Service Plan

This applies specifically for clients that are tired with their current internet service provider due to various reasons. This category of clients have the necessary equipment, i.e. wireless router, cable and outdoor equipment. Acrab Company does not charge any form of installation charge to this type of clients. The only requirement is payment of desired internet package.

B. Basic Installation Plan

For this type of installation model, the client will have to pay installation fee of  6,500/= exclusive of monthly package. The installation fee will carter for wireless router, cat 6 cable, and service fee. Note that the company will provide outdoor equipment during installation.

Note for this type of installation model, the outdoor equipment should be refunded/returned to the company upon termination of service.

C. Premium Internet Installation Plan

Here the client purchases all the necessary gadgets for the installation. The client will also have to pay for the preferred monthly internet package. The estimate for this installation model ranges from 13,ooo - 15,500

Acrab Internet Monthly Package

Acrab Internet offers quality internet at affordable price. The cheapest internet package in Nakuru County is 2,000/= for 3mbps download, and 3mbps upload. Full internet packages offered by the company within Nakuru are as follows.

  • 3Mbps - 2,000/=
  • 6Mbps - 3,000/=
  • 10Mbps - 4,500/=
  • 15Mbps - 6,000/=
  • 20Mbps - 7,600/=
  • 30Mbps - 10,500/=

Acrab Internet Internet Provision Coverage

On a monthly basis, Acrab Internet covered more grounds. The company focuses on connecting the underserved and making sure reliable high speed internet reaches mashinani. Currently the company covers the following areas within Nakuru County.

  • Around Nakuru CBD
  • Freehold, Kabachia, YMCA, Langa Langa
  • Kiamunyi, RVIST, London, Njoro Road, Egerton
  • Lanet, Whitehouse, Mawanga, Heshima, Kiamunyeki
  • Pipeline, Ndege Ndimu, Kiondo, Mwariki, Section 58, Naka
  • Among other areas, a full list is available here


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