Having enough sleep is necessary for good health. However, not only does it play a major role in our physical and mental health, but also it does signify how productive we are in our daily activities. We are all aware of how important it is to be productive in our working hours. Although with the increase in technology mainly cellphones and LEDs, the quantity and quality of our sleep have been grievously compromised.

Up to this point, many of you must have heard that getting an 8-hour sleep is needed if you want to stay healthy. There is not a thing “not right” about it, but the problem arises when people find it difficult taking out 8 hours just for sleep!

These people might go on trying different methods, or as well force themselves up out of the bed each day until they become too tired and get back to sleeping for long hours again.

Importance of Sleep To Our Body

Lack of sleep may have overwhelming impacts on our bodies. They as well increase the risk of many chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and even premature death.

By missing out on a few hours of sleep is okay, going without sleeping well for continuous nights isn’t a healthy sign. When having a stressful job, worries, and life’s problems may as well affect your quality of life. Stressful life results in a lack of proper sleep and may cause more health problems.

Good sleep increases concentration and productivity. Sleep is essential for numerous features of brain function. This includes cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. Sleep improves your immune system functions.

It refreshes your mind and is crucial for determining the brain uses similar memory retention, learning, regulating your mood, and brain development for younger people. Consequently, a lack of sleep may mean you’re missing out on vital bodily processes intended to support your usual health. Thus if you’re going to only get 4 hours of sleep in one night, ensure that you don’t make it a habit.

The Effects of Lack Lack of Sleep

Sleep is necessary to our bodies for various reasons and getting proper sleep has countless benefits. An immeasurable night’s sleep may lift your mood, boost immunity, and enhance the skin and your cognitive uses too. Enough sleep may boost your overall health and brain functions.

While in a deep slumber, the brain releases hormones that promote in lowering the risk of diseases and improve the immune system and brain function.

The value of quality sleep isn’t in the number of hours we get to sleep but the important thing is, getting the much required quality sleep. It is in getting the quality 4 hours of sleep instead of the 8-hour sleep pattern that determines whether you will have a productive day ahead. Even regular long periods of sleep throughout the day are extremely helpful in getting that much-required sleep.

Lack of sleep has multiple negative regards, as specified proceeding. Having adequate sleep has a memory of benefits. Consequently, we are obligated not to ignore the importance of having proper sleep for our body, mind, and soul.

The quality of our daily activities depends on a perfect night’s rest. Therefore, no matter the plans you have onward; make sure that you relax well to meet you tomorrow.

Everything You Can do Before You Get 8 Hours of Sleep in 4 Hours

Do regular exercise: They are extremely essential to enhance the quality of our sleep and thus, Exercise must not be overlooked! When you exercise, your muscles use energy, you may get tired, and such as how you go to sleep.

You should Avoid using Screen before sleeping: Many people use their smartphones or laptops before bedtime and this custom absolutely affects your Melatonin Hormone schedule (that is named human clock), and the routine becomes disturbed as well.

You should do Book read: Book reading does something you may do instead of using your mobile phones, it assists to relax your mind.

You should Fight after-dinner drowsiness: If you feel sleepy before bedtime, get off the couch as soon as possible and do something that will keep you busy, such as calling a friend, washing dishes, or arranging your clothes ready for the next day. If you won’t do anything concerning your drowsiness, you can face trouble when getting back to sleep.

When it’s time to sleep, ensure the room is dark: When you are about to sleep, ensure to turn the lights off. You may as well use heavy or dark curtains. This ensures enough sleep throughout the night.

Your Diet: limit caffeine and nicotine- Caffeine and nicotine are items that people consume if they want to avoid sleep. Ensure you don’t drink tea or smoke near your bedtime unless you won’t be ready to sleep properly during the night.

You have to avoid big and heavy meals at night: Attempt to eat dinner shortly in the evening, and avoid eating complex meals. Spicy and acidic foods may cause stomach pain and heartburn during the night.

Attempt to evade alcohol before bed: you shouldn’t drink alcohol before your bedtime, it can assist to relax you for a while but later it hinders your sleep cycle.

Stop drinking too many liquids in the evening: Avoid drinking excessively much of liquids before bedtime as it can result in regular bathroom trips during the entire night.

Should not consume sugary foods and refined carbs: Avoid sugars and refined carbs such as white rice, white bread, and pasta during the day as it may trigger wakefulness at night and lure you out of the deep stages of sleep.


Essentially, it’s all about whereby eager you are to follow this pattern of sleep. Sleeping 4 hours a day means you are sleeping for 28 hours a week! Which equals only one entire day plus 2 hours extra? Now you may imagine how productive you may be when you utilize your day time! You may only face the consequences at the start, but constantly with time, everything may get better or to be more honest, you may get used to it.

To conclude, we should focus on quality, not quantity. What’s the purpose of sleeping for 8 hours when you end up feeling tired in the morning?

Therefore it really doesn’t imply if you are dealing with insomnia, depression, or anxiety when you maximize the quality of the sleep you don’t ever have to take sleeping pills. You may achieve this all naturally. Try to follow the above-mentioned ways.

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