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Best Phone Repair Course in Nakuru

Phone Repair Course in Nakuru

Looking for the best mobile phone repair course in Nakuru, look no further. Acrab Repair Center offers phone repair course in town. An overview of the course is as follows:

  • Course Duration - 3 Months
  • Requirement - National ID card
  • Price - 30K (payable in 3 months)
  • Contact Us - 0722 625 525

Phone repair course topics covered are:

  • Basic Electronics
  • Mobile Phone Software
  • Hardware Repair
  • Advanced Motherboard Troubleshooting
  • Sales & Marketing

What you will learn upon completion:

  • Troubleshooting and solving issues
  • Hardware repair
  • Software repair
  • How to start phone repair business
  • How to engage customers
  • Different methods to market your new business

Mobile phone repair course in Nakuru - Acrab Repair Center

Mobile phone penetration in Kenya is gaining momentum. At the time of writing, it's reported that 18.5 million Kenyans own a mobile phone. This shows that phone repair and mobile phone accessory business is at an upward trajectory.

Taking a course on mobile phone has a big potential in terms of income generation. The job does not require a big investment when starting.  Opening a phone repair shop at a strategic location can guarantee a daily profit margin of between Ksh 2000-7500.

Mobile phone repair business offers a stable income and employment to many youths in the country. The business also is among the most marketable business venture in Kenya.

By taking the phone repair course, you will be equipped with practical skills in phone repair, flashing mobile phones, troubleshooting process, screen replacement, unlocking phones, among others.


Mobile Phone Repair Training Modules

Our mobile phone repair course covers the following topics in depth.

Basic Electronics

  • Mobile communication
  • Study of phone parts
  • Assembling and disassembly of different phone models
  • How to use multimeter
  • How to use different repair/diagnosis tools

Hardware Repair

  • Motherboard introduction
  • Recognizing ICs
  • Testing parts and components
  • Soldering using soldering iron
  • Reheating and mounting of chips
  • Use of screen separator
  • Cleaning procedures

Software Repair

  • Troubleshooting software issues
  • Flashing different models
  • Unlocking phones using codes and software
  • Secret codes

Advanced Troubleshooting

  • Hardware & Software repair procedure
  • Water damage repair techniques
  • Using internet to troubleshoot
  • Software repair procedures

Sales & Marketing

  • Customer engagement
  • Customer service
  • Marketing your new business
  • How to manage the business
  • Price negotiation techniques
  • Best places to procure tools, spare parts and accessories

We also teach our students tips and trade secrets unknown to many technicians. This among other skills will enable you to stand out, offer professional service and in return generate more revenue.

Mobile phone repair course in Nakuru - Acrab Repair Center

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